Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

Kenny was home for Christmas this year and we were able to spend 4 days hanging out and having fun.

Saturday we went out on a date to see Sweeney Todd (we enjoyed it, but we are weird like that!)

We spend the rest of the weekend doing a few projects at home and just enjoying not having to work.

For our Christmas dinner we cooked up some King Crab... yum!

Please note the lovely TV trays. Yep... I am a domestic goddess :) Hey, at least we had the Yule Log on TV... that adds a touch of class don't ya think?!?


We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a great 2008!

Merry Christmas!

Done with Christmas

This year we packed up our Christmas stuff sooner than most years... maybe because we decorated the day after Thanksgiving, maybe because our Christmas tree was a poster child for the "Fire Hazzard: Live Trees Ruin Christmas" campaign (seriously... one stray spark and our whole house was toast!) or maybe we were just taking our cue from Pilot... apparently he wanted us to know he was tired of the decorations and if we didn't take them down, he would do it for us...

How soon do you take down Christmas decorations? We know a little puppy dog who would love to help.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Kenny's 30th

As you all know, last weekend was Kenny's 30th Birthday!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early, jumped in the Prius and headed up to Hollywood.

Our first stop were the La Brea Tar Pits. I hadn't been there since the 4th grade when I was "researching" for my science project... "Trapped in Tar... Fossils from the Ice Age" (yeah, I won 1st place... I was a nerd!) Kenny had never been there so it was fun to walk around and check out the fossils and try to avoid the pits :)

Next we headed over to the Walk of Stars and had a look around before we jumped back in the car and drove Sunset Blvd through Beverly Hills and Bel Air to the Santa Monica Pier.

The Pier has this cute little Aquarium. The people working there were so nice and were very informative about all of the sea animals. We got to touch starfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins. For such a little place, it was quite fun.

Just about he time we finished at the aquarium, the sun started to set. What a gorgeous sunset over the ocean!

After enjoying the sunset, we headed back to Hollywood and over to Grauman's Chinese Theater. We spent a while looking at the footprints of the old movie stars before we headed into the theater to see "I am Legend" with Will Smith. The movie was great... it could be because we were so excited to see it in this huge, beautiful theater. If you ever get a chance you have to go see a movie there... it was sooo cool!

The next morning we headed over to Starbucks then made our way to the Griffith Observatory. Besides having spectacular views of the city and the Hollywood sign, the Observatory has a great Planetarium and a show that really puts into perspective how amazing and gigantic the universe really is. What an amazing God we have to create such wonders!

We stopped by Palomar Airport on our way home so Kenny could fly the Citation Jet with one of the owners. I even got to ride along on the flight! It was so much fun to see Kenny up there flying... it was my first time ever seeing him fly the CJ. He is a great pilot!

Later that night we met Danny & Tonita for dinner at a local Mexican place. Service was terrible, but the food was yummy! We even splurged for Kenny's birthday and got a giant margarita (we all shared!).

We, of course, also watched Survivor that night with Danny & Tonita!

What a fun weekend full of experiencing new things and spending time with people we love!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I turned 30

I turned thirty this past weekend. Only a handful of you can truly appreciate this. If you are more than a year away from turning thirty, then the gravity of actually transitioning from your youthful twenties into your true adulthood thirties is lost. If you have hit thirty already and are looking at thirty-five or forty or more, the gravity is again lost because you look back and say, “well, it isn’t that bad, at least you’re not turning forty” or something along those lines. It is small band of companions that I have here; a select few that can truly appreciate this feeling.

Last year, when I hit twenty-nine, Jen gave me a present. It was my “30 before 30” list. She had me list thirty things that I wanted to do before I was thirty. Seems easy enough right? Not for me. I took it very seriously you see. I could not put something on the list that was small and insignificant, nor could I put some monumental task that would most likely go undone. It was tough – even knowing that Jen really would let me do whatever I put on the list.

I will admit, I never came up with a full list of thirty things (I think I only had about twenty-four items) and not all the things on the list were completed. Some things were easy things, but still things that I truly wanted to do within the next 365 days, for example, go sailing, eat at new restaurants, visit Hollywood and see the Walk of Stars. I had a few big ticket items too: visit another foreign country, fly a jet as pilot in command, and summit Mount Whitney.

A few things came to the wire. This weekend, Jen and I tied up the loose ends on the “30 before 30” list.

Looking back, this weekend ended up being a great summation of the thirty years that I have spent here.

There are several things that I love doing, and might even say that they partially define me. I love doing new and exciting things and going to new and exciting places. I love flying and instructing. I love hanging out with friends and eating. I love Survivor.

And that is what I did this weekend. I closed out thirty years doing what I do.

But this weekend showed me more than just a summation of things I do. It showed me that, both for the weekend and my life, I am content. No, I am even better than content. Paul said we need to learn to be content in whatever situation we are placed, and I am pretty sure he was more meaning on being content when we find ourselves in a less than desirable situation. I am definitely better than content. This is due to many things much greater than myself – the biggest being: God, my parents and my wife.

These three, and countless others, have been there for me, helping me, directing me and loving me unconditionally. I cannot ask for more. I have lived thirty years and was never alone, hungry or wanting. Like I said, I am more than content – thanks everyone for the past thirty years!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Giveaway

So, I am once again being featured on Bloggy Giveaways!

Go check it out and see all the nice things they say about me. Yeah, they just want to win the giveaway, but it still makes me happy :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Website!

Check out my newly designed site at:

Blue Yonder Design

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas!


P.S. Know a friend that could use a new website or blog design? Maybe for a Christmas present (hint, hint!)

Get up to $20 for referring a friend (or up to $20 off your next purchase for yourself!)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Thanksgiving too!

I had a birthday yesterday... I am getting old.

I can deal with it though because Kenny is soooooo much older (he is turning 30 this year!!!)

This weekend I was so lucky to have Kenny home for 2 full days (Thanksgiving and the day after) and most of the day Saturday and Sunday! Whoo hoo!

Thanksgiving day we hung out at home, watched movies and grilled up some great steaks for dinner. It was a perfect day.

The day after Thanksgiving... Black Friday... we decided that nothing was worth us getting up at 4 am so we woke up around 7 and made our way to a few stores. We found a few bargains, but nothing great. Has anyone else noticed that the day after Thanksgiving sales are getting weaker and weaker ever year?!? Anyway, our last stop was Home Depot where we bought a few pieces of lumber and some tools to make a table for the shed. We also bought a CHRISTMAS TREE! Normally we wait a few weeks into December, but we couldn't help ourselves :)

Friday night we went over to Carl & Rebecca’s for some Cajun Cookin’. Carl & Rebecca make the best Gumbo and Potato Salad and we gladly helped them eat it all :) Hannah kept us entertained explaining her fear of Santa and that she gets her beautiful eyes from Louisiana.

Sunday after Kenny got back from his flight to Eagle, Colorado (it was minus 20 degrees Celsius! Brrrrrr) we met Danny and Tonita at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate our birthdays! Mmmmm

Once we got home, Kenny and I decorated the house a bit. It is so much fun to have everything all Christmassy… I even decorated at work today. I guess I am just in a Christmas mood! Merry Christmas everyone!

Birthday Flowers

Spur of the Moment Thanksgiving

We are nothing if we aren't spontaneous... that seems to go for our family too.

Last Friday Jen's parents came down last minute to visit. On Saturday night David, Jamie & Jeffrey decided to come down so we could all go to Sea World together on Sunday!

Early Sunday morning we went to Balboa Park to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. They are amazing! If you haven’t had a chance to go see them… GO RIGHT NOW! They are only going to be here through December.

At Sea World, we had so much fun watching Jeffrey interact with all of the animals... he wanted to jump right in and swim with the sea rays and dolphins... and David just about let him :)

That night we decided to do a Thanksgiving dinner since we were all together. The guys fried up a turkey... when they weren't spending time playing with guns!

They also deep fried BACON-WRAPPED-SNICKERS… I know it sounds gross. It was gross. I blame David… it was his idea! Well, the guys kind of liked it, but as you can see in the pictures… I have a more refined pallet.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving a la Merwin

Jen's parents came down this weekend spur of the moment to celebrate Thanksgiving & Jen's birthday. We spent the day shopping, shooting and sorting (clothes).

Tonight we decided to have a "Thanksgiving Meal" as a tribute to Blake & Allison... salmon... because the turkey is still frozen solid!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

Happy Birthday Tonita

Happy Birthday Tonita!
Hope you enjoyed the apple pie in Julian as much as you enjoyed the water reeds in Peru :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

How old do you think I am?

Okay, so I turn thirty this December. I know, so you, my beloved readers, just rolled your eyes back into your head thinking, “if only I were thirty again!” But get over it, this my tale of woe.

So I am constantly barraged with over-aging. I have been aged as old as, oh say, forty-five to fifty year old! Of course, everyone does some major back pedaling when I tell them I am yet to hit thirty. It is the typical “well you don’t look that old, you just act that way” or “well, its because of everything you have done, you know, a flight school and all.” It always ends that same, I ask, “how old do you think I am?” and I am always aged at least an extra decade!

Danny and Tonita came over the other evening to watch Survivor, as they do everything Thursday night. On some weird impulse (driven by Danny), Danny and I ended in the grocery store looking for the fixins for chili-cheese dogs.

As dumb luck would have it, I ran into the same lady three times, once in the produce section, once in the chili section, and now here we were again in the dairy section.

As I slide up next to her to check out the best price on cheese, I blurt out, “It looks as though I am stalking you.”

She kindly smiles back. No, not the “hey-get-away-from-me-you-crazy-stalker-guy- but- I-will-smile-to-calm-you-so-you-don’t-attack-me” smile.

No it was a real smile as she responded, “No problem, you college guys gotta eat cheap!”

Did you hear that? “College guys.” Yep, a solid eighteen to twenty-two years old, maybe even twenty-four because we were slow learners, but definitely not thirty.

I think I actually did scare the poor lady with my reaction. I almost hugged her….or did I? I can’t quite remember.

Anyways, Jen and Tonita had to totally ruin it for me when Danny and I returned home and relayed the story. They, of course, felt the need to dash my highest compliment in days by claiming that she probably saw Danny and mostly referring to him. Well, balderdash, it was directed at good ole stalker me. (and do “early twenty-somethings” use the word balderdash?....ARGGGGGG!)

New Bag

I just got this cute new bag at Target! It is even cuter in person.

I saw it last week on clearance marked down from $25.00 to $11.00, but was too cheap to buy it. Yesterday I happened to be in Target again doing returns and it called out to me. I walked by, trying to avoid it, but then saw that it was marked down to $5.75! I had to get it… I really had no choice :)

It reminds me of the blogs designs that I have been working on. Do you think I can write it off as a business expense?!? :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The number of posts we have written this month... two. (Actually three if you count this post!)

I can't believe we have been such slackers this month. So much has been going on so it isn't like there was nothing to post about.

We had a booth again this year at the Miramar Air Show and of course it rained! It has rained every year since we started selling at the air show... if you are keeping track, this will make it 4 years in a row that it has rained. I think we are bad luck. The air show was a lot of work as always, but having Jen's parents and Danny & TOnita come help made it fun!

A few days after the air show, Jen got a call from Kimberly King at NBC San Diego. She wanted to do a story on Blue Yonder Girl on her Streetside San Diego show! Jen & Tonits got their 5 minutes of fame and had a blast on the show. We are still working on getting a digital copy of the show. As soon as we do we'll post it!

That week Blake & Allison also came down to visit... actually they came for a church conference, but I'd like to think they came down just to see me :) Kenny was in Mexico for 5 days on a trip, so seeing old friends and just hanging out made the time go by faster.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Blue Yonder Blogs was featured on a giveaway site. The giveaway went great and I got a bunch of orders for new designs! It has been so much fun working with these great bloggers and getting paid to do what I love.

Anyway, Halloween is tonight and that means our annual Nightmare Before Christmas party with Danny & Tonita (can it be considered a party if only 4 people and 2 cute dogs are in attendance?!?) I am so excited to eat too much food and watch one of our favorite movies. I have been singing "This is Halloween" all day!

Happy Halloween everyone! We love you and promise we'll post more than two times next month!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog Design Giveway

Today I am being featured over at Bloggy Giveaways!

Check it out. People seem to like me :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

And then there was one...

So, one of our new fishy friends died this weekend :(

It was the one Kenny had picked out and dubbed "Lure." Maybe we should have called him "Week 1" like David suggested.

The bummer thing is that Kenny was in Seattle when it happened... I think he kind of blames me for murdering his fish since mine is just fine.

RIP Lure.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Support the Rabid

Danny & Tonita came over last night for our weekly Survivor get together. We have been doing this for years and will continue to do so until CBS cancels the show, one of us moves away or the Rapture happens. Kenny and I have actually watched every single Survivor season and this year looks like it won't disappoint.

Anyway, last night was also the premier of season 4 of The Office. And since this year it is on at 9:00 instead of 8:30, we get to watch it! For those of you who don't watch this hilarious show I say go borrow the last 3 seasons RIGHT THIS MINUTE :)

Some of my favorite quotes from last night...

Michael Scott: Kelly, you're Hindu so you believe in Buddha.

Kelly: That's Buddhist.

Michael Scott: Are you sure?

Kelly: No.


Creed: I've been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower, but you make more money as a leader.


RIP Sprinkles


A few of our other shows (and by "our" I really mean "my" because Kenny can do with or without TV)...

LOST- Best show EVER!
Amazing Race
The Office

Anyway, What shows are you excited about? Anything that you just have to watch?

New Fall Design

Just trying out a new design for the new season.

It is raining today and the weather is nice and crisp. It finally feels like summer is over and fall is here :)

Edited to add: I changed the site layout 3 times today... sorry if it was crazy. I am my own worse critic.. I really was not liking the first two... I think I finally settled on one I liked :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Name our fish

Yesterday we were at PetSmart and saw two little fish that we just HAD TO HAVE RIGHT THAT MINUTE! :)

Most of you know that we are notorious for not being able to name living creatures... we have had a beta named "Fish" a hamster named "Hammie" and a dwarf hamster named "Little Guy" (cause he was smaller than Hammie). It was only by sheer luck that Pilot has a name and is not called "Dog.” I am sure our kids may just end up being "Kid 1" and "Kid 2"

Anyway, our new little fish friends need names. The pictures aren't the greatest cause fish are incredibly hard to photograph... who knew?!? They are both fancy goldfish. One is orange and white and has bluish eyes. The other is a really cool green color and looks like a bass or a fishing lure.

Any suggestions?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

I know you've missed me

It seems like FOREVER since I last posted on here and so much has happened... a weekend excursion to the Windy City, a fly fishing trip to Mammoth and a few other things I can't remember right now :)

I promise I will get our Chicago pictures up and a few stories posted soon.

As for Mammoth, we only took TWO pictures the entire weekend. I know, I know… it is unbelievable... especially from me & Kenny. We tend to take massive amounts of pictures on every trip… take Peru for example… I am pretty sure we had over 3 gigs worth of pictures!

So, without further ado, here are our two pictures from this weekend...

Kenny showing off one of the many brown trouts that he caught.

FYI: No matter how hot it is DO NOT wear short sleeves when fishing.
Let's just say Kenny and I learned our lesson after getting majorly sunburned!

The Owen's Valley...
a river, some cows and nowhere to hide if you have to pee!

Anyway, you can check out our post from last year if you have the desire to see more pictures of us fishing… just pretend like they were taken last weekend :)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Presidential Hopeful....

I will keep this short story, well, short.

I had just landed at Chicago’s Executive Airport and I was helping unload our passengers and get them into the FBO.

I was walking our lady client to the door, and, being the gentleman that I am, held the door open for her. As she passed through, I noticed a large group of people also coming in from the ramp having just disembarked a $43 million Gulfstream jet.

I decided to continue to hold the door for the group. As they approached, I noticed the man at the head of the pack, and he looked awfully familiar from twenty feet away. I did the not-so-subtle stare and as he was about ten feet away, it clicked. It was presidential hopeful, Rudy Giuliani!

As he approached, I gave him “the nod” and casually asked, “Hey, how’s it going?”

RG - “Not too bad. Thanks for the door.”

Me - “Have a good one.”

RG - “You too.”

And through the door he went, carrying with him the hopes of getting a really crappy job!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Off to the Windy City!

Yesterday Kenny found out he had to fly a 5 day trip to Chicago leaving today.

Last night we had talked about me coming out, but decided that I probably couldn't get off work with such short notice and that the tickets would be too pricey.

Well, today I purchased my tickets to fly out there and surprise him!

I am so excited! Chicago here I come!

P.S. Thank you Danny & Tonita for watching Pilot at such short notice :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


This weekend we went up and spent some time with Jamie, David & Jeffrey.

Kenny had to fly to Ohio on Saturday, but was able to fly back into Bakersfield Sunday afternoon so we could all hang out. Jeffrey had fun waiting for Captain Kenny to land... I think we might end up having another pilot in the family!

After picking up Kenny, we braved the 286 degree heat and took Jeffrey out for his first geocache. Even though it felt like we were going to melt, we had a great time and managed to grab 3 caches for the weekend.

We mostly just had fun watching Jeffrey be cute and funny. He is at such a fun age right now and knows just how to make you laugh. He loves his Uncle Kenny!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Check out my new site

So, at the encouragement of others, I finally started my own blog design website!

It is a work in progress, but feel free to check it out... and tell others about my bloggity services if you get a chance :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Where would you stay?


And the winner is...

David & Jamie!

Kenny was in Speedway, Indiana yesterday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where they have the Indy 500! He got to ride around the track and check the place out (pictures to come later this weekend).

Congratulations David & Jamie for guessing correctly (and Allison for a close runner up)... We salute the redneck in you all! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Guess where Kenny is...


  • Time Zone abbreviation EDT

  • It is a National Historic Landmark

  • It is big enough to fit Vatican City, Kentucky Derby, Roman Coliseum, Rose Bowl, Yankee Stadium and the Wimbledon Campus inside of itself

  • Home of what is considerd "the single most watched one day sporting event in the World"

More hints to come if no one can guess :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

I almost died...

Well, I almost died today...

Now it was not one of those "near-miss-whew-I-almost died" kind of deaths. No this would have been a slow and painful death. And unfortunately, I still might not make it.

This will be a death from TOXIC MOLD. Yes, toxic mold. Where your eyes and throat and tongue swell grotesquely. Your lungs slowly fill with a viscous liquid which drowns you silently in a serene and somewhat ironically dry hospital room.

What, oh what, can save me from this certain torture? Lysol Disinfectant Spray – two aerosol cans worth! I hit the bedroom like a crazed gunslinger. Two cans for two hands. The disinfectant smoke was thick, my eyes burned and watered profusely. My throat caught fire. Was this any better than the slow death of the mold? But I pressed on. A swift and sharp kick to the bathroom door splayed it open. A tight combat roll onto the hard tile…my hands worked quickly and independently from each other and from any conscious thought my brain may have sent. Left hand – toilet. Right hand – towel rack. Two handed double spray into the shower!

Suck my spray evil spores!

And then it was clean.

The hotel location...nice!

The first wave of attacks!

The tub of death!

After the firefight, I lie down, exhausted. Sleep comes quickly. I awake with a start. This antique wall heater has set the entire complex ablaze. My throat again catches fire as I breath my last gasp... a gasp of a hot putrid smoke that fills my lungs. Death was here tonight.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I am jealous... that wrong?!? :)

Everyone has cool new blog designs.

Check them out and let them know how cool they are...

David & Jamie

Mom & Dad

Danny & Tonita

Matt & Kelly

I love the new looks guys!


Friday, August 10, 2007

Back from DC

Kenny is back on the West Coast! Yippee!!!

And yes, I did sit at work all day and watch his flight back... I think my "refresh" button may be broken :)

P.S. Maybe if you all ask really, really nicely Kenny might have a story or two to tell about DC... You know how he loves to tell stories :)

Follow that Sub!

The other day we were driving home and what did we see???


So, what did we do? We made a quick U-Turn and followed it, having no clue where we might end up, but knowing that we could not let a submarine just drive by. We are nothing, if not spontaneous...

We didn’t have to travel far as the submarine turned into a local gas station. We pulled in and asked what was going on and were told that they would be doing a little show to tell everyone that the Finding Nemo Submarines at Disneyland were now open. We were hoping to score free tickets to the Happiest Place on Earth, but had to be satisfied with a couple pens and a bumper sticker that read “I brake for clown fish!” You know you are jealous.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Gillespie Water Spout

A hot summer afternoon. Driving home from doing a few errands.

What to do?

Why not visit El Cajon’s newest attraction, the Gillespie Water Spout.

Be sure to come quickly since this attraction is sure to end soon!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

3 Years Old!

Happy Birthday
Hannah Joy!

Friday, July 27, 2007

I love free stuff...

I also love good music... especially good Christian music. A few days ago I received an advance copy of Monk & Neagle's new CD- The Twenty-First Time in the mail. It is soooo good!!!

It officially comes out September 18th, but if you head over to their webpage or their myspace page you can listen to a few songs now! Or you can click on the image below to watch their video on youtube :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Done with the Deathly Hallows!

My head is spinning... my back aches... my eyes hurt... but it was worth it! At approximately 11:30am I finished the very last Harry Potter book. I can now change my homepage back to Yahoo and watch the news without fear of being spoiled. I now know what happens.

Don't worry, I won't say anything. I hate hearing spoilers and would hate to give away anything if you plan on reading it. I won't even say if I loved it or hated it... although if you have read it, email me and I'll let you know what I thought :)

Yesterday one of my favorite bloggers finished the book and put up a post about it. I only read the title and quickly closed the page, fearful of finding out the ending. Today after I finished the book, I clicked back to her page and the first paragraph of her post cracked me up...

"J. K. Rowling is trying to take over the world through social isolation, lack of personal hygiene and sleep deprivation. With half the world’s population starved for quality sleep, unshowered and refusing to talk to even their closest friends, Ms. Rowling is poised to take over the muggle world."

How true... although, thankfully, I was in the showered minority.

I spent the last 3 days reading at work... getting aggravated when the phone rang or someone asked for my help... Hello?!? Don't they know that I am trying to find out what happened to The-Boy-Who-Lived?!?

Well, now that the Harry Potter series has ended, I guess I better find something else to read. Any suggestions?

A boy and his dog

Jeffrey & Pilot had a great time this weekend playing together. Jeffrey is crawling, so he is now on the same level as poor Pilot!

Last time we were up at Mom & Dad's, we bought a tree swing for Jeffrey. Since everyone was at the house this weekend, we decided to put it up and see if Jeffrey liked it. Well, Jeffrey AND Pilot LOVED it!

I think they are Best Friends Forever now!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy 70th!

This weekend I drove up to celebrate Mema's 70th birthday with the family. We had a great time hanging out, eating, playing the Crazy Turtle Game, and just admiring this amazing woman who we could not believe was turning 70!

I get my unique middle name, Daylene, from her. I must also get some of my sense of adventure from her. At 70, she is an active member of Camping Women and has had many adventures hiking, kayaking, and camping. In fact, her gifts for her birthday included a CamelBak backpack for hiking and a kayaking life jacket!

I only hope that when I am 70, I am just as young and fun as she is.

Happy Birthday Mema!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kenny's Home!

Kenny was home all weekend and we made the most of it.

The night he got back in town we watched... you guessed it.... Field of Dreams! The wife in that movie gets the award for the most supportive wife in history. I told Kenny that if he ever started to hear voices, I'd probably tell him to go see the doctor, not encourage him to do what the voices say. His reply..."If I start to hear voices?!?"

On Saturday morning we woke up early, gave Pilot a haircut and a bath (despite what he might tell you, he really likes it). We then headed over to the mall to catch an early showing of Harry Potter (in our house pronounced: A-rry Pott-ah).

Next we grabbed a Slurpee and a bite to eat at Emmas because poor Kenny had been Mexican food deprived in Iowa, then off we went to the Crossroads of the West Gun Show at Del Mar. Now, last year we attended the gun show and were so utterly disappointed that we wrote a letter to the Crossroads people. Because of that letter, they sent us some VIP tickets to another gun show. Having forgotten our past experience and having free tickets in our hands, we figured we would have a great time and possibly find the deal of a lifetime on some rare gun. Alas! It was not meant to be. We spent about half an hour at the show wandering by booths that had absolutely nothing to do with guns. Although the next time you are in the market for crystal, candles, army surplus or kids toys, just head over to the gun show and you will have a great selection!

Not to let our day be spoiled, we drove over to Torrey Pines/ La Jolla and spent some time at the gilder port watching paragliders soar around the cliffs. It looked relaxing, but we decided that we would rather have an airplane and a motor any day!

Later that night we went over to Boomers and played miniature golf, road go-karts (Kenny sideswiped some little kid and spun out! Totally the kid’s fault if you ask Kenny!), went to the batting cages (Thank you, Field of Dreams) and then played a few video games. We were like regular junior highers :)

Nothing like a gun show and mini golf to help you reconnect! :)

Flowers ♥