Friday, September 26, 2008

The Office Game

The Office started again last night and we couldn't have asked for a better episode... I sent the link to watch it online to Mom & Dad and Jamie & David, so I won't spoil it by posting anything about the episode.

Anyway, last week (or the week before... I am so losing track of time) Danny & Tonita came over for dinner and to hang out. At about 9:00pm we got the crazy idea to run over to Target to see if they had The Office Trivia Game. We grabbed the game and took it back home to play.

The idea of playing the game ended up being more fun than the actual game itself, but we had fun gathering Shrute Bucks and then topped the evening off with a homemade pizookie.

A fun time was had by all.

We Won!

"This email is to confirm that your requested credit has been processed. Your current balance is $165.00, which includes credits totaling $165.00.

Thank you for using Verizon Wireless."

Yeah. It only took about 20 hours fighting them... so I guess that works out to $8.25 per hour. That's okay... we still beat them down! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google Us

I was looking at Google Analytics for our blog to see what keywords people were typing in Google/ Yahoo to get to our site. Some of them made me laugh...

"had to wear a girdle"
Oh! I am sorry you had to wear a girdle. I did too...once!

alcohol cold sweats nightmares
Um. My suggestion... stop with the alcohol if you are getting cold sweats and nightmares. The yummy taste of Mike's Hard Lemonade just isn't worth a night of no sleep and sweat drenched sheets.

blogger header designer
I hear Jen at Blue Yonder Design is simply the best :)

crab reward
Makes me wonder how many other people offer a reward for missing crabs?!? RIP Fiddle.

funny lines from the bucket list
Didn't you see the movie?!? There were NO funny lines.

hokey pokey baby video
Now this is something I'd like to see.

i swear by my tattoo
Didn't your mother teach you not to swear?!?

Kenny flew this plane in November 2006. It is for sale if anyone is interested.

pcifa gang
A gang?!? Like the Bloods, Crips, Jets, Newsies? Yeah, those pilots are a tough group of guys.

roll up your sleeve mommy it's time for a shot needle

Why is the doctor calling her "mommy"?!? That is just creepy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Design: Marcelain Photography

Tammy from In the Grip of Grace contacted me last week to design a blog for her photography business Marcelain Photography.

I was able to play with Blogger and pushed it to do much more than I thought was even possible.

Go Check out her site and see what an amazing photographer Tammy is :)

From Tammy...

I am so excited to unveil my new photography blog. I have muddled through for a while trying to use a .mac site and for the lack of knowing who to go to I just stayed put. Then Jen@BlueYonderDesigns came into my life.

My friend Denise won a "new look" from Jen for her blog last year. When it became time to redo my personal blog I loved what I saw on Denise's blog and I emailed Jen@BlueYonderDesigns right away. The speaking group that I travel with needed a fresh blog, so Jen@BlueYonderDesigns redid our Coffee Group blog , then we needed a blog button and she quickly took care of that. When I decided to move my photography blog back to blogger I knew Jen@BlueYonderDesigns was the gal for me.

She made me look good!! She was able to exceed my needs in service and quality. All that to say, I think Jen@BlueYonderDesigns is way creative and a leader in the blog service industry.

Awww! Thanks Tammy. I think you are great too :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Design: Joyfully Living *Fall Edition*

Chelsey from Joyfully Living for His Glory came back once again for a Fall design for her blog.

We used some pre-made graphics that Chelsey loved and just updated the layout and colors of her blog to match.

This is the third design I have done for her and we are *hoping* to add one more in the Winter so she has one for every season!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Design: Judith Leigh's My Space

A few months ago I was able to work with author Judith Leigh on her new blog. She contacted me again last week about getting a matching, custom design for her MySpace page. Once again I had fun working with her.

Her new book, "When the Vow Breaks" comes out this month!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh Internet... I love you!

Last week I decided to finally play around with Gmail and Shutterfly to see what the deal was and if they would work for me. I know everyone and their brother are already on the Gmail bandwagon and everyone else is already backing up and printing all their photos on Shutterfly, but just in case you are like me and are a bit slow sometimes getting in on the newest internet craze, I am here to tell you that using these two sites are a must... at least for me :)

Gmail (i.e. Google Mail)

Why Gmail? Well, Why not? I mean, what is there not to like about virtually limitless storage?!?

On Friday I routed all my email accounts through my newly set up Gmail account then added my new Gmail account to my Mac Mail (also works perfectly with Outlook for PC users!). My Mac Mail and my Gmail now sync with each other seamlessly and I have an online backup of all my emails. Speaking from someone who has lost everything when her old PC crashed... having a backup saves a ton of heartache! Also, if I happen to be away from my computer, I can just hop online from any computer and check all my emails from all my accounts in one place... and as a bonus... Gmail is super easy to use and keeps all those SPAM emails far far away. I am loving the "conversation view" where Gmail groups all replies with their original message, creating a single conversation or thread. So wonderful!

Sign up for a Gmail account at


Can I just say how much I am loving Shutterfly?!?

Most photo sites limit your storage of photos and charge you once you have added too many. Not Shutterfly.

You all know that Kenny and I love taking pictures and we have a ton. I was looking for an online backup for my photos when I came across Shutterfly. I thought that Shutterfly was only an online print shop for your photos, but I was so wrong. It is a great place to store your pictures, create slide shows, albums, photo books and more. I can't believe I didn't use this sooner.

The main thing (besides limitless storage of photos) is the fact that Shutterfly has a great plugin for iPhoto, making uploading photos so simple. They also have an amazing program called "Shutterfly Studio" for Windows users for organizing and uploading photos.

Again, if my computer crashes, I now have an online backup of all my photos with Shutterfly.

They also give you a fun little web page so you can share your photos with friends and family. You can choose which uploaded albums you want to share and set permissions so only people you want can see them. You can check out ours at I am still working on adding and editing photos, so forgive me if it is bit rough.

Anyway if all goes well I should have all my photos backed up by the end of the week. I will also be using our public Shutterfly page to post recent pictures and trips for all of you guys, so you might want to bookmark it :)

Sign up for Shutterfly at

I love finding things like this online. Are there any programs or web pages that you use that you can't live without? Let me know.. I am ready to get on the bandwagon:)