Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google Us

I was looking at Google Analytics for our blog to see what keywords people were typing in Google/ Yahoo to get to our site. Some of them made me laugh...

"had to wear a girdle"
Oh! I am sorry you had to wear a girdle. I did too...once!

alcohol cold sweats nightmares
Um. My suggestion... stop with the alcohol if you are getting cold sweats and nightmares. The yummy taste of Mike's Hard Lemonade just isn't worth a night of no sleep and sweat drenched sheets.

blogger header designer
I hear Jen at Blue Yonder Design is simply the best :)

crab reward
Makes me wonder how many other people offer a reward for missing crabs?!? RIP Fiddle.

funny lines from the bucket list
Didn't you see the movie?!? There were NO funny lines.

hokey pokey baby video
Now this is something I'd like to see.

i swear by my tattoo
Didn't your mother teach you not to swear?!?

Kenny flew this plane in November 2006. It is for sale if anyone is interested.

pcifa gang
A gang?!? Like the Bloods, Crips, Jets, Newsies? Yeah, those pilots are a tough group of guys.

roll up your sleeve mommy it's time for a shot needle

Why is the doctor calling her "mommy"?!? That is just creepy.

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Danny and Tonita said...

Man what a crazy list of stuff that we talk about! It made me laugh to read it.