Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Fun

David, Jamie and Jeffrey came down for Easter last weekend and we had a blast. I am working on getting all the pictures uploaded, but for now this just about sums up how much fun we had...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And it's all true...I swear by my tattoo!

I heard this on the radio tonight while out flying. I always here stuff like this and will try to bring you the best of the best!

Airplane: "Gillespie Tower, Cessna 757 Charlie Mike, uh, how do you read?"

Tower (without missing a beat): "Cessna 7 Charlie Mike, Left to right."

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

He is a bit crazy

The other day we tried to post the video of Pilot after his bath. After 3 days of trying, Google video finally worked. So, without futher ado.. here is our little guy going a bit crazy after his bath...

Yeah. After we clean him, we always have to clean the house.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Kenny was home all weekend!

Yippee!!! This was the first weekend in a long time that Kenny was home both Saturday and Sunday. It was so nice to have him home and have nothing that had to be done.

Saturday we went shooting and then caught a movie.

On Sunday we decided to go hiking to check out the waterfalls up in the mountains. This year we have had so much rain and everything is green. The rivers are flowing more than they have in years and we figured we'd better seize the moment to check out the waterfalls before everything dried up again.

The falls were beautiful and Pilot had the time of his life. We are convinced that he is part spaniel, part antelope... a spanielope, if you will :) He was going crazy running and jumping over boulders along the trail.

Although the hike was fun, we found several ticks hiding on our clothes, so our poor little puppy had to get a bath. Doesn't he look miserable?

Here he is after the bath. He hates baths and they make him go a little crazy...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's just a made-up day

Leap Year Day is a stupid day that shouldn't exist. Last week I had bought into the hipe of getting an extra "free" day. I was excited that it was Leap Year and couldn't wait for February 29th. We planned on taking the day off.. since it was an extra day after all... and go to Disneyland. Well, Friday came and we both ended up going to work instead. Big mistake.

February 29th was a cursed day.

Kenny forgot his uniform dress shows and accidentally showed up at his jet job wearing grungy old Vans... a definite no-no.

Then 15 minutes before his flight was to leave for Mexico he realized he forgot his passport at home! He pushed back the flight and called Tonita and pleaded in his most desperate voice for her to drive it up to the airport (45 minutes away). Poor Tonita hit every red light and got behind every bad driver and couldn't make it up there (She did get it to another airport and thankfully Kenny didn't end up in a Mexican prison)

I had a terrible day at work. Nothing went right. It was just plain bad.

A lady from my office had her tire blow out on the freeway. A guy from my office got a black eye and was pooped on by a bird through his sunroof!

Oh... and Danny blew the head on his 4Runner on his way to work.

Ya. Bad day.

Next Leap Year... I think I'll just stay in bed.