Monday, March 03, 2008

Kenny was home all weekend!

Yippee!!! This was the first weekend in a long time that Kenny was home both Saturday and Sunday. It was so nice to have him home and have nothing that had to be done.

Saturday we went shooting and then caught a movie.

On Sunday we decided to go hiking to check out the waterfalls up in the mountains. This year we have had so much rain and everything is green. The rivers are flowing more than they have in years and we figured we'd better seize the moment to check out the waterfalls before everything dried up again.

The falls were beautiful and Pilot had the time of his life. We are convinced that he is part spaniel, part antelope... a spanielope, if you will :) He was going crazy running and jumping over boulders along the trail.

Although the hike was fun, we found several ticks hiding on our clothes, so our poor little puppy had to get a bath. Doesn't he look miserable?

Here he is after the bath. He hates baths and they make him go a little crazy...

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Scott Booker said...

I am the same way with baths. Maybe its my fear of water...but I just dont like to take a bath.

Loved the photos!! Looks like fun!!

We arent much of hikers...but we do like the outdoors. We go geocaching alot! (if you havent heard of is probably something that you guys would enjoy!)