Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's just a made-up day

Leap Year Day is a stupid day that shouldn't exist. Last week I had bought into the hipe of getting an extra "free" day. I was excited that it was Leap Year and couldn't wait for February 29th. We planned on taking the day off.. since it was an extra day after all... and go to Disneyland. Well, Friday came and we both ended up going to work instead. Big mistake.

February 29th was a cursed day.

Kenny forgot his uniform dress shows and accidentally showed up at his jet job wearing grungy old Vans... a definite no-no.

Then 15 minutes before his flight was to leave for Mexico he realized he forgot his passport at home! He pushed back the flight and called Tonita and pleaded in his most desperate voice for her to drive it up to the airport (45 minutes away). Poor Tonita hit every red light and got behind every bad driver and couldn't make it up there (She did get it to another airport and thankfully Kenny didn't end up in a Mexican prison)

I had a terrible day at work. Nothing went right. It was just plain bad.

A lady from my office had her tire blow out on the freeway. A guy from my office got a black eye and was pooped on by a bird through his sunroof!

Oh... and Danny blew the head on his 4Runner on his way to work.

Ya. Bad day.

Next Leap Year... I think I'll just stay in bed.


blakeandallison said...

You should have speant leap year day with us. It was a good day. Maybe in four more years. . .we went fishing, hung out with a goat, played games, looked at Andy/Elisa's Peru pics. Oh, and I made a good dinner and amazing dessert. Yep, you missed out!

Scott Booker said...

It wasa leap year this year? Man...I forgot to get anyone presents!! I feel like such a louse. :)

Sorry that it was horrible for you and the family. Hopefully things have turned around over the past couple days and things are better.

Nice to meet you!!!