Friday, February 23, 2007

Vacation Quiz

I took a quiz Tonita sent me, What Latin American Country Should You Visit?, and here is my result... coincidence? I think not :)

You Should Visit Peru

Peru is ideal for your "off the beaten path" traveling style.
Head out to an ancient Incan city, visit a volcano, and don't forget to pet a llama.

I am so going to pet a llama!!! :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Camera = More Blogs

Yippee!!! We just ordered our new camera... a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS ELPH. We are so excited. Now don't get us wrong, we are still in LOVE with our Nikon D50, but it is just a little too big to be lugging around all the time.

Since Kenny has been flying a ton for Schubach Aviation recently, he has been able to go to some amazing places but has only had his camera phone to take pictures. We are hoping that with this new, tiny camera (it fits inside his shirt pocket) he will be able to snap more pictures and share his flights with you, our Blogger friends and family.

P.S. Hopefully this weekend I can get Kenny to post his camera phone pictures of his recent trips. I am so jealous of all the places he gets to go... he has some great stories! -Jen

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy 2 Month Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our strong little midget!
We love you Jeffrey ♥

Friday, February 16, 2007

We are famous!

At least a little famous.

A few years ago after we got back from Europe, we sent Sierra Designs and a few other companies "Thank You Notes" saying how much their products helped us on our trip.

Well, Sierra Designs posted our story on their webpage... now just maybe we can get them to throw in a free sleeping bag or two... or four for all this free publicity they are getting from us :)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Landfills are the coolest

Seriously. I am thinking of working at one.

This weekend my parents came down and worked on our front yard. For those of you who haven't seen it, our front yard was UGLY! The previous owners must have thought that 2 different slabs of concrete, asphalt, dirt and lava rock were the perfect combination for an award winning yard. Me... not so much.

Last week I posted our lava rock on Craigslist(which, by the way, is one of the coolest sites on the web for free stuff). Some wonderful man, who must have shared the same landscaping taste as the previous owners of our house, came by while I was at work and loaded up all of our lava rock so he could... umm… beautify his own house. Yeah!!! No more lava rock for me!

Having rid the yard of the lava rock, the next task was to remove one old slab of concrete and extend the planter bed. We were expecting to have to rent a jack hammer or some other tool to get the concrete out, but nope... we had plenty of muscles for the job and quickly removed the old concrete.

Next we had to get rid of the 1.5 TONS of concrete that we had removed. We couldn't just hide it in the bottom of our trash can for the unsuspecting trash man to pick up. It was off to the first landfill of the weekend to drop off our load of concrete.

Let me just say again, I love landfills. The people there are sooo nice. As we were unloading the trailer, I snapped a few pictures. One of the workers saw me and couldn’t stop laughing at the crazy girl who was taking pictures of all the trash. Did I mention that we also got to wear a really cool neon hard hat???

We spent the rest of the weekend moving dirt, installing a drip system and planting.

On Sunday it rained. We had already planted everything so it was fun to see our new little plants getting much needed water.

Early in the day we decided that to finish off the project and tie everything together we needed some compost/ mulch. Off we went to another landfill. It never occurred to us that landfills don’t have paved roads… or that dirt roads, compost and rain mean lots and lots of mud! By the end we were covered in muddy compost, but the wonderful people at the landfill had filled our entire trailer with beautiful compost for only $8.00! Again, they were some of the happiest and nicest people I had ever met. I really think I have found my calling in life :)

Well, thanks to all the hard work from my WONFERFUL parents, my yard is now gorgeous (or at least I think so!).

Thank you Mom & Dad for all of your hard work and for keeping me company while Kenny was away flying!

We bought our tickets!

Yesterday at lunch Tonita and Jen booked the tickets for our trip to Peru!

I guess we are officially going now... no turning back :)

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Every day since I was in high school I have worn black on Valentine's Day.

In high school a group of us dubbed ourselves the She-Woman-Man-Haters Club ala Little Rascals. We would wear black as if we were in mourning. I am not a big fan of the holiday so it was fun to protest in my own small way.

Now that I am married (to the best man ever!) I still wear black... it just looks a little different...

I love you Kenny... and yes, I am wearing that shirt to work today ♥

New Blogger

Well, Blogger finally made me switch. I am sad. I am sure it will be fine, but I guess I don't like change or something...

My first impressions so far...

  • I hate the fact that Blogger gives the annoying security warning in the comments section
  • Not a fan of logging in with my email address
  • I do like the idea of labeling all my posts... it will be fun
  • I am thrilled that my blog is still there and everything still looks fine… so far

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I pay my hairdresser in tacos...

... actually, 3 rolled tacos, rice & beans...

On Monday Tonita offered to help me rid my head of what was quickly becoming... can I even say it... a... gasp... MULLET!

Thanks to the wonderful lady (note the sarcasm) who gave me my trademarked Peter Pan look the last time I went to the salon, my hair has been having much difficulty growing out. At the time I thought that bad haircuts were no big deal and that they would just grow out back to normal. Wrong. No one told me that the hardest part of a bad haircut is growing it out and having different stages of bad hair.

Well, Tonita did a marvelous job and I am planning on bribing her with Emma’s Mexican Food every time I need my hair cut from now on!

With her help, slowly, but surely, I am getting over my bad haircut… every once in a while I still cringe when I think of scissors, but I am sure that will pass.

Part of me misses my Peter Pan with a Mohawk look... well, maybe not :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Get Well Soon Now!

Kenny is sick. He has a 102.5 degree temperature as of 4:00 this afternoon. He is at home, in bed and had to cancel his flights for tonight and this weekend. I hope he feels better soon, but is it wrong that a small part of me is excited that he gets to be at home all weekend?!?

Feel better Kenny, I ♥ you!