Friday, February 02, 2007

Get Well Soon Now!

Kenny is sick. He has a 102.5 degree temperature as of 4:00 this afternoon. He is at home, in bed and had to cancel his flights for tonight and this weekend. I hope he feels better soon, but is it wrong that a small part of me is excited that he gets to be at home all weekend?!?

Feel better Kenny, I ♥ you!


Matthew, Kelly, and Eli said...

Feel better soon Kenny. The three of us all had the flu pretty bad last week. Matt missed 2 days of work for himself and then another when Me & Eli were sick. I'm sure Jen is doing a good job at taking care of you :)

David, Jamie & Jeffrey said...

We are sorry that you aren't feeling good Kenny. We hope you get better quickly.
Jen, enjoy your time with Kenny while he is home but we hope that you don't get sick.
We love you!!!

Jim & Jolene said...

It's a wierd thing to picture Kenny laying on the couch all day and not having the energy to get up for ANYTHING!!! You always have so much energy that we know this fever has you beat. We hope you feel better soon! No kissing Jen, cuz she needs to stay well! Sleep, sleep, sleep.......both of you!
We love you!