Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kenny's New Job!

Hey look, Kenny has a "real job" now! He is flying for Schubach Aviation as a corporate/ charter pilot.

Yesterday, Kenny flew the King Air B200, a twin turbo prop that cruises about 300 mph! He will be flying their Learjet 35 soon!

Check out these pictures from his first flight with the company... mocking the epaulets is not allowed :)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Nightmare Before Christmas 3D

That's right- 3D!

Last night we went and saw Nightmare Before Christmas with Danny & Tonita and Eric & Sheree after work. The movie was only released in selected theaters and is only out for a few weeks, so go see it if you can.

The best part about the movie, besides the brilliance of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, were the awesome 3-D glasses we got to wear! Aren't we cool???

After the movie we headed to Pick up Stix to get some food since we had rushed to the movie without grabbing dinner. We ordered and sat down. The little high school- maybe college kid who brought us our food was quite intrigued by the fact that some of us were related and was determined to guess who was related to whom. Apparently he thought Sheree looked like everyone at the table and had to be related to Kenny, Danny and even Tonita!

He came back to our table a second time in order to play the guessing game some more and proceeded to place about 5 more orders of food on the table. Not knowing who ordered the plethora of food, we questioned him, but he was too into the guessing game to hear us. Well, the extra food was very good because it turned out to be free! Once he placed it on the table he couldn’t take it back, so we ate to our hearts content. Later he came back to the table to tell us that he made a mistake and he hopes we enjoyed the free food… the people who ordered the meal were quite upset. We were full and happy, so he got a good tip :)

Mommies should always wear crowns!

I have the coolest sister who just happens to be a soon-to-be-mommy!

For the baby shower I made her and her husband matching crowns that said "Mommy" and "Daddy." They only wore them for a bit at the shower because it was "too hot." Booo!

Yesterday, Jamie informed me that she is wearing the crown all the time per my request. Here is our conversation taken directly from IM and the proof of what a cool Mommy and sister she is...

Jamie says:
hey jen, I am wearing my crown right now for you

Jen says:
yeah! send me a picture

Jamie says:
no way!!! i am all gross from cleaning today

***She sends the picture to my phone anyway because she LOOOOVES me!***

Jen says:

Jamie says:
i had to send you a picture so you would believe i was wearing it

Jen says:
you have angry eyes

Mom says:
I want to see it! Email it to me

Jen says:
i will send it to your phone right now and then email it later

Jamie says:
i couldn't get a good picture by myself. that is why i only have my eyes and the crown in the picture

Mom says:

Jen says:

Mom says:

Mom says:

Jamie says:
don't you dare

Jen says:
i am going to!

Jamie says:

Jen says:
that is what you get for giving me angry eyes and not wearing your crown at the shower

Jamie says:
but i am wearing it all the time now like you told me to

Jen says:
good! this is too funny... i am actaully laughing out loud at my desk

Mom says:
I love it when my girls get along!!!!

Jamie says:
i sleep in it, shower in it, eat in it...

Jen says:
i look like i am crazy

Jamie says:
i am glad that i can be entertaining

Jen says:
i am so saving this conversation and posting it!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Boo... Content Filters!

So, my company just installed a firewall/ content filter a few days ago. This means no more myspace, games, you tube or anything fun at work! At least I still have blogger :)

For those of you who don't know, I am most definitely not a slacker at work. I get all my tasks done and then some. Just sometimes I need a break ;)

The firewall has actually provided some form of entertainment. I am having a great time typing in websites to see if they are blocked and what reason. I went to a site the other day about medicine and it was blocked. The reasoning... it was labeled as "The Occult"

Some of the sites that are blocked:

  • MySpace… well I guess it should be because Kenny thinks it is EVIL
  • You Tube… I can’t see the videos of Eli anymore :(
  • Yahoo Games… I guess I have to stick with solitaire
  • Sports Illustrated… I know they put out a swimsuit issue, but come on!
  • Air 1 Radio… Very good Christian radio station… so sad!
  • Photobucket... a great site to upload photos. I can’t view anything hosted on that site. Very sad because our friend Joy posted pictures of their new house and I can’t see them :(
  • Cheaper Than Dirt... a crazy site/ magazine that Kenny loves. They sell guns and stuff!
  • Yahoo Messenger... at least I still have Trillian!

It is a sad, sad day. So, keep the comments coming since it is now one of my only means of contact with the outside world and only form of entertainment!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Baby Jeffrey's Shower

This last weekend we went up to Leona Valley to celebrate with new Mommy & Daddy to be, Jamie & David. The baby shower was great and we all had lots of fun. We can't wait to meet Jeffrey in a few months!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Miramar 2006

We are all trying to recover from the Miramar Air Show this weekend. Overall the show went well, despite the rain.

At least we planned on rain. We plan on rain every time we have a booth at an air show simply because we seem to be bad luck. What are the odds of it raining at the air show for the last 4 years when before that it hadn't even thought about being cloudy for over 10 years?!? Oh well.

The show was good as always and the night show was especially fun this year with amazing fireworks and the wall of fire! We managed take a break from the booth to snap a few pictures of the fireworks. That is our booth in the corner.

Although it was fun, we are tired and don't want to look at another t-shirt for a while. We are trying to clear our minds of the auto-response greeting of "Shirts are on sale... one for $15, two for $20..."

Most of our customers were awesome with many return customers and lots of great compliments. However, some customers were... interesting..


Lady who clearly can't fit into an extra-small: "Do you have this in an extra small?"

Kenny: "No, I am sorry, but that is the only size we have left"

Lady looking at Kenny and sticking out her bottom lip in a pout for about 2 minutes: "Do you have this in an extra small?


Lady with a HUGE, partially rusted Jesus head necklace around her neck and a dragon ring on every finger speaking in a hillbilly accent: "Look at these them thar Italian charms."

Tonita: "Can I help you find any charms?"

Lady: "Oooh, I like the 'I love traveling' charm."

Tonita: "Here you go, this is a great charm."

Lady: "Oooh, I like traveling and this here charm says I like traveling. It is true. I like traveling. I do like to travel. It is so true. THE CHARM IS SO TRUE!"

Tonita rushing to put the charm on the lady's filthy dirty bracelet: "That is nice."


Guy running up to the booth during the night show: "I need a medium sweatshirt"

Us: "We only have large and extra large, but Jen and Tonita both wear the large."

Guy: "My girl only wears medium. She has me trained to only buy medium."

Tonita: "Well, if she is cold, I am sure she would much rather be warm wearing a large than cold wearing nothing."

Guy: "True. After the show she can give it to her mom. Her mom is about my size."

Us: "Maybe you should try it on."

Guy grabbing the sweatshirt that says BLUE YONDER GIRL: "Oh man, don't let anyone see me trying on a girls sweatshirt. I'll never live this down..."

Guy holding out his arms and twirling around: "How do I look?"

Tonita: "You look hot."

This guy had us laughing so hard. He was actually great and lots of fun!


Asian Lady: "You have in medium?"

Tonita: "Sorry, we only have large and extra large sweatshirts left."

Asian Lady: "You have medium?"

Tonita: "No, only large and extra large."

Asian Lady turns to husband and says something...

Asian Husband to Tonita: "You have medium?"

Tonita: "Only large and extra large."

Asian Husband: "MEDIUM?!?"

Tonita: "Only large and extra large, sorry."

Asian Lady and Husband walk to other side of the booth...

Asian Lady to Danny: "You have medium?"

Danny: "NO"

Asian Lady buys the large sweatshirt.


Overall, we had a ton of fun and are looking forward to next year :)

Captain Aceves

Congratulations Dad on officially becoming Captain!
We love you!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Shameless plug...

Come see us at the Miramar Air Show. If you can't make it please pray for good weather and NO RAIN! Although we typically love rainy weather, we are a bit tired of us being rained out of every air show. Stop by our booth and say hi... we promise no to put you to work :)

Friday, October 06, 2006

If we were animated...

We should have a cartoon made about us!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

Welcome Baby Joseph!

We have a new baby in our lives! Last Tuesday night we received a call from Carl and Rebecca asking us to come over and watch their little 2 year old, Hannah. Why? Because Baby Joseph was on his way! Joseph Anthoney was born the next morning at 6:42AM.

Back at Carl & Rebecca's house, we were both already awake with Hannah... she isn't too into sleeping in. She woke up at 6:00AM ready to play... oh the joys of a 2 year old. Being "Mommy" until about 10:00AM... ONLY 4 hours of awake time... really showed me how amazing Rebecca is. I was beat! So, hats off to all you Mommies out there.

On Sunday, we saw little Joseph for the first time. Funny thing is that I don't remember Hannah being so small (although I was reminded that she was even smaller!) He is the cutest thing and even looks like boy! I was expecting him to look like Hannah, but nope... he looks like Joseph! He is such a good baby and hardly fusses at all. Hopefully he will be mellower than his older sister, who was having a grand old time running around the house trying to entertain us and take our attention away from her new brother. Hannah actually is doing great with Joseph and loves to shower him with hugs and kisses… awww!

Anyway, congratulations to Carl & Rebecca and big sister Hannah!


Uncle Kenny & Auntie Jen