Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Baby Jeffrey's Shower

This last weekend we went up to Leona Valley to celebrate with new Mommy & Daddy to be, Jamie & David. The baby shower was great and we all had lots of fun. We can't wait to meet Jeffrey in a few months!


Matthew, Kelly, and Eli said...

The shower went great. I think you should have made Jamie & David wear the special Mommy & Daddy crowns for a little longer!

Kenny & Jen said...

I know! Don't they know it is cool to wear a crown?!? I wish I could wear a crown every day!

David and Jamie said...

Hey, we loved the crowns you made for us, they just made our heads too hot :)
I love mine so much that I wore it the other day while I was cleaning out the baby's room.

Kenny & Jen said...

I want a picture of that! :)

A hot crown is better than no crown!