Thursday, October 26, 2006

Boo... Content Filters!

So, my company just installed a firewall/ content filter a few days ago. This means no more myspace, games, you tube or anything fun at work! At least I still have blogger :)

For those of you who don't know, I am most definitely not a slacker at work. I get all my tasks done and then some. Just sometimes I need a break ;)

The firewall has actually provided some form of entertainment. I am having a great time typing in websites to see if they are blocked and what reason. I went to a site the other day about medicine and it was blocked. The reasoning... it was labeled as "The Occult"

Some of the sites that are blocked:

  • MySpace… well I guess it should be because Kenny thinks it is EVIL
  • You Tube… I can’t see the videos of Eli anymore :(
  • Yahoo Games… I guess I have to stick with solitaire
  • Sports Illustrated… I know they put out a swimsuit issue, but come on!
  • Air 1 Radio… Very good Christian radio station… so sad!
  • Photobucket... a great site to upload photos. I can’t view anything hosted on that site. Very sad because our friend Joy posted pictures of their new house and I can’t see them :(
  • Cheaper Than Dirt... a crazy site/ magazine that Kenny loves. They sell guns and stuff!
  • Yahoo Messenger... at least I still have Trillian!

It is a sad, sad day. So, keep the comments coming since it is now one of my only means of contact with the outside world and only form of entertainment!



Danny and Tonita said...

Oh so sad...I'll try to copy and email you things throught the day! Or we could look into hacking the system:) By the way why were you looking at natural/herb medicine site? Are you getting into the occult?
Just Kidding:)~T

RM said...

Now THAT, I'm sure, has got to be unconstitutional! :P to your job.

blakeandallison said...

oh no, what about

Kenny & Jen said...

Whew! is still there so I can watch LOST if I get bored at work :)

Kenny & Jen said...

As of 1:30 today, I no longer had access to Blogger or Trillian Instant Messenger. It is an even sadder day :(

Joy said...

Man! The oppression! Lane feels the same frustration at his work. He can't check Yahoo email or nothing.

Sorry that you couldn't see our pics! You're missing out! :) just kidding...

Kenny & Jen said...

Tell Dude that I feel his pain! ;)