Friday, October 27, 2006

Nightmare Before Christmas 3D

That's right- 3D!

Last night we went and saw Nightmare Before Christmas with Danny & Tonita and Eric & Sheree after work. The movie was only released in selected theaters and is only out for a few weeks, so go see it if you can.

The best part about the movie, besides the brilliance of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, were the awesome 3-D glasses we got to wear! Aren't we cool???

After the movie we headed to Pick up Stix to get some food since we had rushed to the movie without grabbing dinner. We ordered and sat down. The little high school- maybe college kid who brought us our food was quite intrigued by the fact that some of us were related and was determined to guess who was related to whom. Apparently he thought Sheree looked like everyone at the table and had to be related to Kenny, Danny and even Tonita!

He came back to our table a second time in order to play the guessing game some more and proceeded to place about 5 more orders of food on the table. Not knowing who ordered the plethora of food, we questioned him, but he was too into the guessing game to hear us. Well, the extra food was very good because it turned out to be free! Once he placed it on the table he couldn’t take it back, so we ate to our hearts content. Later he came back to the table to tell us that he made a mistake and he hopes we enjoyed the free food… the people who ordered the meal were quite upset. We were full and happy, so he got a good tip :)


blakeandallison said...

Is it worth a 35 mile drive? I wish we could have gone with you guys.Way to score the free food.

Kenny & Jen said...

I think so. We saw it in Mission Valley, so about a 15 mile drive.

I wish you guys could have come too! Nightmare always makes us think of you!

Danny and Tonita said...

3-D Nightmare Before Chirstmas moive-$10
Late Dinner-$20
Free Food-$0
Watching all of us wating for the guy to find his tip--PRICELESS! :)

Matthew, Kelly, and Eli said...

Matt & I have never seen this movie, but it is playing in 3D at our local theater. Hmmmm, maybe we will have to check it out.

Kenny & Jen said...

We love Nightmare, but the feeling is not shared by all. It might take a few viewings before you cherish it as much as we do :)

By the way, just to warn you... there is a TON of singing :)

If you want, we have it on DVD and can bring it up when we come for Eli's party!