Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Miramar 2006

We are all trying to recover from the Miramar Air Show this weekend. Overall the show went well, despite the rain.

At least we planned on rain. We plan on rain every time we have a booth at an air show simply because we seem to be bad luck. What are the odds of it raining at the air show for the last 4 years when before that it hadn't even thought about being cloudy for over 10 years?!? Oh well.

The show was good as always and the night show was especially fun this year with amazing fireworks and the wall of fire! We managed take a break from the booth to snap a few pictures of the fireworks. That is our booth in the corner.

Although it was fun, we are tired and don't want to look at another t-shirt for a while. We are trying to clear our minds of the auto-response greeting of "Shirts are on sale... one for $15, two for $20..."

Most of our customers were awesome with many return customers and lots of great compliments. However, some customers were... interesting..


Lady who clearly can't fit into an extra-small: "Do you have this in an extra small?"

Kenny: "No, I am sorry, but that is the only size we have left"

Lady looking at Kenny and sticking out her bottom lip in a pout for about 2 minutes: "Do you have this in an extra small?


Lady with a HUGE, partially rusted Jesus head necklace around her neck and a dragon ring on every finger speaking in a hillbilly accent: "Look at these them thar Italian charms."

Tonita: "Can I help you find any charms?"

Lady: "Oooh, I like the 'I love traveling' charm."

Tonita: "Here you go, this is a great charm."

Lady: "Oooh, I like traveling and this here charm says I like traveling. It is true. I like traveling. I do like to travel. It is so true. THE CHARM IS SO TRUE!"

Tonita rushing to put the charm on the lady's filthy dirty bracelet: "That is nice."


Guy running up to the booth during the night show: "I need a medium sweatshirt"

Us: "We only have large and extra large, but Jen and Tonita both wear the large."

Guy: "My girl only wears medium. She has me trained to only buy medium."

Tonita: "Well, if she is cold, I am sure she would much rather be warm wearing a large than cold wearing nothing."

Guy: "True. After the show she can give it to her mom. Her mom is about my size."

Us: "Maybe you should try it on."

Guy grabbing the sweatshirt that says BLUE YONDER GIRL: "Oh man, don't let anyone see me trying on a girls sweatshirt. I'll never live this down..."

Guy holding out his arms and twirling around: "How do I look?"

Tonita: "You look hot."

This guy had us laughing so hard. He was actually great and lots of fun!


Asian Lady: "You have in medium?"

Tonita: "Sorry, we only have large and extra large sweatshirts left."

Asian Lady: "You have medium?"

Tonita: "No, only large and extra large."

Asian Lady turns to husband and says something...

Asian Husband to Tonita: "You have medium?"

Tonita: "Only large and extra large."

Asian Husband: "MEDIUM?!?"

Tonita: "Only large and extra large, sorry."

Asian Lady and Husband walk to other side of the booth...

Asian Lady to Danny: "You have medium?"

Danny: "NO"

Asian Lady buys the large sweatshirt.


Overall, we had a ton of fun and are looking forward to next year :)


Danny and Tonita said...

Oh my!!I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing too loud! (There is someone taking a test in here!) I LOVE your blog and those pics are soooo awesome!!! Can't wait till next year:)

Jim and Jolene said...

We'll start praying for no Rain for next year NOW! Glad all went well. Love the photos and especially the stories!

Joy said...

Love the slideshow pics. Glad you had fun even with the rain. That wall of fire is really cool!

David and Jamie said...

Yeah the wall of fire is really cool and its more fire than I ever see.
Next year we really want to come help out and see the cool show. Maybe we will be a stroke of luck and you won't get rained out.

Kenny & Jen said...

I hope you guys can come next year. Jeffrey can be our mascot!!!

RM said...

Man, you guys are hard core. I woke up Saturday morning glanced outside, saw that all the soccer players were getting drenched and went back to sleep. I hope that next year it doesn’t rain. Hey, buy more MEDIUM stuff for next year:)

pat and beth said...

We were so bummed we didn't make it out. We'll have to plan something soon.