Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kenny's New Job!

Hey look, Kenny has a "real job" now! He is flying for Schubach Aviation as a corporate/ charter pilot.

Yesterday, Kenny flew the King Air B200, a twin turbo prop that cruises about 300 mph! He will be flying their Learjet 35 soon!

Check out these pictures from his first flight with the company... mocking the epaulets is not allowed :)


Danny and Tonita said...

Yeah, we're so excited!WOW...Kenny looks pretty snazzy in those epaulets! Of course we're not making fun of them :) Congratulations Kenny, we're happy for you joining the ranks of the "real job" holders!

Jim and Jolene said...

Sure you got a new job...you just wanted to dress up for Halloween and LOOK like a real pilot!!!!
Seriously, we are proud of you, Kenny.
Love you!

blakeandallison said...

Wow. . . a "real job"! Those are overrated, I had one once. Looks like fun though, and the planes sound impressive, and fast. Charter one of those for your wife and come to WA!

pat and beth said...

1 kabillion kudos.