Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mammoth Fly Fishing

We had a great time fishing this weekend in Mammoth. Early Thursday morning we piled into the Archer and headed up to Mammoth for a long weekend.

After only a few hours of flying, we arrived in Mammoth safe and sound. We decided to hit Hot Creek to do a little bit of fishing as a sort of warm up for the weekend events. Unfortunately, Kenny's line broke off after only about 10 minutes of fishing so we didn’t catch anything, but we were able to go check out the thermal areas and new geyser at the creek. Having better luck, John and Chuck both caught a few rainbow and brown trout that afternoon.

The next morning we met up with Steve, our guide and headed up to the Upper Owen’s River. Kenny had an awesome day of fishing and caught 15+ trout that day. Jen, not as great, but ended up with around 10 and had perhaps the largest fish of the day! The next day, we hit the Owen’s again and had another great day. This time it was Jen’s turn to shine. She caught a 16 inch rainbow as well as many other trout, both rainbows and brown. She also hooked what was probably the smallest fish of the trip… a 3 inch brown trout!

One of Jen’s fish decided that it wanted to come home with us, and couldn’t understand why we threw it back (we did all catch and release). After Jen put it back in the water, the fish swam over and hung out by her foot for about five minutes! Not sure if you can see him in the picture, but here it is. I also took some video that I will try to upload later.

Overall, we had a great time, but are exhausted! Check out our pictures below…


Danny and Tonita said...

Wow Jen, it looks like you caught the biggest fish!! AND you made a new fishie friend, awww. Great pic's have a good day!!

Kenny & Jen said...

I love my fish friend. I sooo wanted to bring him home to play with Pilot :)

Mom Bolin said...

Sure sounds like you have a lot of fun fishing. You probably didn't hear about this, but Darik went lake fishing in a fully equipped boat and caught 5 Lake Trout (almost like a salmon) The biggest was 12 pounds. We love fish and shared one with my cousins in Minnesota who grew up fishing all the lakes in their state.See you soon.Linda Bolin