Thursday, September 14, 2006

Buca di Beppo & Family

Jen's parents came down this last weekend to visit now that Jim is home from the fire in Washington. Matt, Kelly & Eli also happened to be in town, so we all decided to go to Buca di Beppo on Thursday night. We made the reservation for the nine of us (Danny & Tonita too!) for 6:30pm that night downtown.

We all showed up in separate cars coming from different areas, but all managed to meet at the exact same time at the parking garage in Horton Plaza... all of us 30 minutes late! Jen’s parents had a good excuse for being late… they drove in from LA at hit traffic. Matt & Kelly hit construction and road closures… good excuse. Danny and Tonita road with us… they had no control over the time. Again, good excuse. Us? Well, we were just late. Hey, it's okay to be late if everyone is late right?!?

Well, our reservation was cancelled, but they managed to get us in right away. We had a great time eating and talking and eating some more. We discovered that Eli loves lemons. Kelly had to pry them away from him to keep him from eating the whole thing. He is also a ham in front of the camera. He showed off his cheesy smiles and photogenic personality the entire time… this kid really should be in commercials.

The rest of the weekend was spent making Jen’s parents help around the house… we always seem to put them to work when they come. We organized the shed and the Ebay room. Yes, we have an Ebay room.

We also spent time getting things ready for the Miramar Air Show which is in a month. Oct. 13-15 if any of you want to come and hang out or help us at our booth for Blue Yonder Girl or buy some stuff (shameless plug, yes I know).

PS. Sorry the photos aren't that great. It was dark in the restaurant.


Rebecca said...

So what did you end of having for dinner at Bucca. I forgot to ask how that evening went. Did you like it there, and would you go back? Did anyone get the green beans as a side dish against my recommendation...? Too crunchy! The pictures looked like you all had a great time. I'm glad it worked out afterall and that your parents made it down just in time.

Kenny & Jen said...

We had spaghetti & meatballs... yummy! Pizza, fettuccini alfredo and chicken parmesan. We also tried their tiramisu for dessert, but it wasn't that good. Overall the food was excellent. We loved it! Thanks for recommending it.

Jim and Jolene said...

You didn't MAKE us work! As we recall, we just bombarded you with our wonderful ideas! We had a blast and we were glad we could stay an extra night! We love you!