Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gone Fishing!

We're going fly fishing in Mammoth this weekend!

We'll post pictures once we get back... pretty sure they will be of Jen outfishing Kenny again :)


David and Jamie said...

Have fun fishing!!! Jen, we hope that you do outfish Kenny :) Is Pilot going with you?

Kenny & Jen said...

Pilot is staying home :(

Don't worry... I ALWAYS outfish him!

Jim and Jolene said...

Hope you two are having fun and catching lots of fish! Can't wait to see the photos.

David said...

Now that you guys are back, I want to know who caught the biggest fish.
Jamie has been out fishing me in size and numbers all summer.

Kenny & Jen said...

Fishing was great, but the weekend was tiring. I caught the biggest fish both days :) Kenny caught the most fish the first day out of all of us. I will try to post pictures on our blog today or tomorrow.