Monday, October 01, 2007

And then there was one...

So, one of our new fishy friends died this weekend :(

It was the one Kenny had picked out and dubbed "Lure." Maybe we should have called him "Week 1" like David suggested.

The bummer thing is that Kenny was in Seattle when it happened... I think he kind of blames me for murdering his fish since mine is just fine.

RIP Lure.


blakeandallison said...

Remember our mean beta fish (bird, aka pickles) we had in SD? Blake still blames me for it's death too. He said it died due to an identity crisis because I changed it's name.

Jim & Jolene said...

So sad :(
We'll miss Lure, even though we never met him/her.

Danny and Tonita said...

Poor Lure...he was the "cool" one...what will his buddy do now all by himself? I guess Pilot will have to keep him company.