Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy 70th!

This weekend I drove up to celebrate Mema's 70th birthday with the family. We had a great time hanging out, eating, playing the Crazy Turtle Game, and just admiring this amazing woman who we could not believe was turning 70!

I get my unique middle name, Daylene, from her. I must also get some of my sense of adventure from her. At 70, she is an active member of Camping Women and has had many adventures hiking, kayaking, and camping. In fact, her gifts for her birthday included a CamelBak backpack for hiking and a kayaking life jacket!

I only hope that when I am 70, I am just as young and fun as she is.

Happy Birthday Mema!


Danny and Tonita said...

That is SO cool! Pass on my happy birthday wishes too!

Jim & Jolene said...

Glad you came up for the party!