Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If you build it... he will come

...Or at least Kenny will come :)

Today, Kenny visited the one attraction in Iowa... The Field of Dreams!

You all remember the movie don't you? Honestly, I don't remember much, just me & my Dad repeating over and over "If you build it... he will come" :)

According to their website, "Baseball fans of all ages will agree that a visit to the Field of Dreams is about as close to heaven as you can get."

Not sure if Kenny felt close to heaven... he is in Iowa after all!

He was able to play some ball on the field and even went out and purchased a glove at the local sporting goods store today! Guess who is going to have to play catch when he gets back home! :)

1 comment:

Jim & Jolene said...

We think you should get a self returning back stop for Kenny so he can always have someone to play catch with...or maybe a you can train Pilot to fetch a baseball!!

Too funny!