Monday, September 24, 2007

Name our fish

Yesterday we were at PetSmart and saw two little fish that we just HAD TO HAVE RIGHT THAT MINUTE! :)

Most of you know that we are notorious for not being able to name living creatures... we have had a beta named "Fish" a hamster named "Hammie" and a dwarf hamster named "Little Guy" (cause he was smaller than Hammie). It was only by sheer luck that Pilot has a name and is not called "Dog.” I am sure our kids may just end up being "Kid 1" and "Kid 2"

Anyway, our new little fish friends need names. The pictures aren't the greatest cause fish are incredibly hard to photograph... who knew?!? They are both fancy goldfish. One is orange and white and has bluish eyes. The other is a really cool green color and looks like a bass or a fishing lure.

Any suggestions?


Jim & Jolene said...

Mom thinks Sabastian and Samantha Shepherd are fancy names for fancy fish!

Dad says, name one Beeo and the other one Beek! You get it, right Jen?!

David, Jamie & Jeffrey said...

I think that you should name your fish "Bait" and "Tackle" because you said that one looks like a fishing lure.

David thinks that you should name them "Week One" and "Week Two" for how long they are going to live.

Jim & Jolene said...

Dad wants to add another suggestion:

Mijo and Mija!

Danny and Tonita said...

I say Viejo and Vieja! ;) That could be cute...or Bean and Cheese, or Marga and Rita. :)

Okay I'll try to put my thinking cap on and come up with some goodins'

Matthew, Kelly, and Eli said...

Eli named the orange one suprise there, every orange fish is Nemo to him :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, so many good choices! Many made me laugh! We would also like to add "jig" and "lure". Or what about typical cat names. . ."fluffy" "chloe" "kitty" "sophie". What about "Boogie" "monster". Ok, I better stop.