Friday, September 28, 2007

New Fall Design

Just trying out a new design for the new season.

It is raining today and the weather is nice and crisp. It finally feels like summer is over and fall is here :)

Edited to add: I changed the site layout 3 times today... sorry if it was crazy. I am my own worse critic.. I really was not liking the first two... I think I finally settled on one I liked :)


Joy said...


Jim & Jolene said...

I love it too!
Now I want a new Blog look by Jen!
I looked at your page yesterday at Mema's, but it was different...I like this one the best!
Too bad I can't take credit for my daughter's's all yours :)
I love you!

Danny and Tonita said...

Every time you change yours you make me want to change mine because you have SO many cool new ideas! I LOVE it! Jen, you rock!