Friday, May 02, 2008


Well, ever since Jen killed my fish two days after we got him I have longed for a replacement of my finned companion.

This particular story began with a simple run into Walmart to get Pilot a new leash. Of course, I had to walk past the fish tanks to find his leash. Being the ADHD-oh-look-at-the-pretty-fish person that I am, it was all down hill from there. In less than 15 minutes, I had a new aquarium picked out along with the 27 different fish that I could not live without.

In a rare moment of weakness, I showed some self restraint, and put it all back. I did not really need a 250 gallon fish tank and half of the marine life of the Pacific Ocean in my living room.... or did I?

Unfortunately, Walmart did not have any leashes in stock. So the fish gods forced us to drive over to Petsmart. Now if what Walmart had was considered a small fish section, then Petsmart had an enitre city of fish. I could have both species from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans...and all in a 350 gallon tank. Hooray for me!

I swear the moon, Venus, Pluto and the North Star were aligned, because I showed another amazing feat of self restraint and managed to pick out a tiny single gold fish for 99 cents. Yep, and his name is Zippy.


Jim & Jolene said...

We can't believe you actually named a fish! Good job!

Danny and Tonita said...

R.I.P Zippy!

I think Jen is just better at picking the stronger fish! :)