Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cinco de Quatro!

Cinco de Quatro (May 4th*)

Kenny was home all day Sunday! We had a relaxing morning and made Chorizo and Eggs for breakfast in honor of the upcoming holiday. So yummy!

Later on that morning we said goodbye to a new, but dear friend :(

That afternoon we met up with Chadd and his girls at the beach. Sierra and Haven dragged us into the water with them and begged us to bury them in the sand so that they could "stay warm". We were more than happy to oblige them since we weren't the ones who had to get all that sand off of them later on :)

Chorizo and Eggs... YUM!

Chadd & his girly girls

Kenny & Haven

We had a great cinco de weekend :)


Jim & Jolene said...

Chorizo and Eggs!!!!!!!
We want some!!!!!!
Kenny is the elected chorizo and eggs cook for Hume this year!!!!!
Yummy :)

Danny and Tonita said...

I LOVE Cinco de...weekend :)