Thursday, May 01, 2008

Protect your children, people.

So I admit it. I have watched Hannah Montana. I actually kind of liked it. It is cute and innocent and easy to watch on a Saturday morning when Kenny is off flying.

Needless to say I was bummed by the recent pictures of Miley Cyrus for Vanity Fair. It seems as if another child has been sold out by their parents and is destined to go the way of many other child "stars".

DaMomma, a blogger that I read, just wrote a great post about the situation...

She wrote...
"Adolescents are hypersexual because they do not yet have the maturity, wisdom, experience to control or protect themselves. Until they reach the age of consent, that responsibility falls on the adults in their communities. It is wrong for adults to engage children as sexual beings -- no matter what those children claim to want."

It is so sad when parents refuse to be parents. Miley is only 15 and her parents and other adults in her life should be looking out for her... not selling her to the highest bidder or letting her make life altering decisions on her own.

I am so thankful for parents who loved me enough to protect me and help me make the right decisions. They weren't crazy overprotective and still let me make my own choices, but still did their job as parents. Thanks Mom & Dad :)


Jim & Jolene said...

We love you, Jen!

The Cutter Family said...

Hi Jen! I too was really disappointed in the Miley Cyrus pictures. I had thought that she was a great role model for our young girls and was encouraged by the good job her parents were doing with raising her in the spotlight. It seems as though there really aren't any positive role models in Hollywood. How discouraging. Thanks for sharing.