Friday, May 02, 2008

Say again...?

So, I am starting to blog funny things I hear on the radio while flying. Here is that latest laugh, I will keep the story short...

A student and I had just taken off from one of Gillespie's two runways. Just as we took off from runway 27R, another student (from the competition) crashes on the other runway, 27L. He manages to smash the small Cessna 152 into the ground so hard it bursts into flames. As one can image, it is no longer advisable to land on a runway which is occupied by a flaming Cessna.

Tower Control now has their hands full in that there were about 5 airplanes all doing touch-n-go's on runway 27L and another 4 planes doing them on 27R. Tower Control remains calm and starts directing all the touch-n-go traffic to land on 27R, the non-flaming runway. Well, one ever so eager student, amidst the flames and smoke, after given his clearance to land, complains, "Tower, Cherokee 25Yankee, I requested touch-n-go's!?!"

Okay, picture this. About 10 airplanes, one active runway, one flaming runway, and everyone wanting to see the spectacle, and this guy feels the need to continue his landing practice.

Tower Control, in his most polished voice, "Uh, 25Yankee, negative. You need to land."

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Danny and Tonita said...

That makes me laugh...negative you need to land!! :)