Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cinco de Tres!

Cinco de Tres (May 3rd*)

Saturday Kenny had to fly to Oregon so Danny & Tonita once again rescued me from a day of sheer boredom.

Around noon I headed over to their house and the three of us went down to the trolley station and bough tickets to Old Town San Diego.

It was D&T's first time on the Trolley and I think the people around us thought we were weird for taking pictures and listening to Tonita exclaim "Oh! It is so pretty from up here!"

When we got to Old Town some really nice people were there giving out energy drinks (which we really needed after the long night we had had the night before!) This was my first energy drink and I have to say that although it tasted good, I didn't feel all that energized.

What was energizing was the Cinco de Mayo celebration going on in Old Town! There were a handful of bands all playing music and tons of fun booths and stuff to look at. We had such a good time!

Our tickets for the trolley!

I am so energized!

Cousins :)


Danny showing his heritage

More tomorrow...

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Danny and Tonita said...

YEAH for Cinco de...dos, tres, quatro...well you get the picture! Thanks for putting up will all my excitement on the trolley! :) Love you it was tons-o-fun! :)