Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Van's First Week

Today Van is one week old!

He has had a full week all full of firsts... first bath, first doctor's visit, first time on tv... you know, all the normal stuff :)

He is a great baby and sleeps all the time. He even slept all through the night last night. Hopefully that will continue!

He is eating great and is plumping up. We went to the doctor yesterday and Van is almost back up to his birth weight.

I am recovering and am feeling almost back to normal, except for the fact that it still hurts to bend over. The only hard thing is remembering to take it easy and relax so I don't hurt myself. Thankfully my mom and Kenny are both here to pamper me and help out around the house.

Here is a quick slideshow of some of Van's firsts during his first week of life.

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Danny and Tonita said...

SO cute! I think that it looks like Van got the most out of his first tummy time! :) He also looks super happy in his hammock.