Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The extraordinary Tom Knapp

While I was suffering from Baby Van withdrawals in Colorado Springs for four days, I did manage to fill one of my days with something I had been wanting to see for a long time.

I got to see exhibition shooter, Tom Knapp. He has two shows of his own on the OLN as well regularly appearing on "Impossible Shots" show. It was a blast! He is a super nice guy and went through the crowd before the show introducing himself and shaking hands. He also stayed after the show for a good hour signing autographs on clay pigeons and taking pictures. A real class act.

I had unfortunately missed him the day before when he did a show about 20 minutes from my hotel. Instead, I had to drive almost three hours to Nunn, Colorado to see him. I took a major freeway to a small highway, to a one lane country road, to three dirt roads and viola, I was there (there being the middle of nowhere).

Anyways, if you ever have the chance to catch one of his shows, a three hour drive is totally worth it.

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Danny and Tonita said...

That is so awesome! We'll all have to go shooting to practice that one. :)