Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Head in the clouds

Should have been posted on June 9, 2009

The people at The Ultrasound Experience are the coolest. They did our 4D ultrasound several weeks ago and now let us come back for free to scan Jen and see if Van is still breech.

Yesterday, Jen went to the doctor (under a slightly over-exagerated emergency guise) to have them check. The cool nurse Joanne said that he had flipped! Who-hoo! But she did only an external inspection.

I am sure you can see where this is going: yep, the ultrasound proved otherwise and Van is still holding his head high. Arg. Now we have to wait a week to go to the doctor for our next appointment and possibly schedule the CS then.
The ultrasound people are still cool though; she spend like half an hour trying to find some herb called mugwort or something – she even looked up hogswart (she’s now a big Harry Potter fan and had no clue). Oh well, we will see!

Aside from the breech thing, all is well. He has stopped kicking per se and now just kind of rolls back and forth. Jen’s belly get a big lump and he turns and rolls… kinda creepy.

We are getting close now and he could really pop out at any time (BTW – do not use the phrase “pop out” when speaking to an EDD lady. I was sternly corrected with “you mean when the baby is born.” Uh, yeah sure whatever lady. Have you ever seen a CS? I think pop out is way more descriptive.

Sorry, I digress. Van is right around the corner and every so often when we put actual numbers and dates to it, like hey he could be only two weeks away, my head starts to swim a bit. I am not scared – the first few years are like raising a dog right? Keep him clean, well feed, basically just keep him alive without any more bodily harm and you are doing okay…. right? I suppose I am 31 years old, but really I feel like I should be closer to 24 or so. Maybe I should go buy a Corvette ☺

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