Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Should have been posted on June 12, 2009

Mugworts it is!

Jen did some research and found that there is an herb called mugwort which is used to help breech babies turn. As it turns out, mugwort leaves are dried and rolled in to sticks that you burn like incense in a process called moxibustion. Jen tracked some down at a place called Nam-Bac Hang Chinese Herbs in the college area. It was great!

Jen actually said, “It must be safe, they are selling it from a store.” Yeah, they only spoke Chinese, they only took cash and the box mentions nothing about the FDA, but sure, it must be safe because we were allowed to purchase it ☺

So we set up our mugwort moxibustion station last night in the gazebo and went at it. I cannot say that I definitively know what pot smells like, but this mugwort herb does has a suspicious smell to it. We propped up Jen, her feet and two burning rolls of mugwort. It seemed to do something because once we started smoking out Jen’s pinky toes Van started turning and rolling. Now we will keep our fingers crossed and hope something turns him.

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Rachel said...

The acupuncturist who works out of our office does moxibustion and while she hasn't done it in our office I have seen her use it and it does have an interesting smell...can't wait to see pics of Van!