Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Day Bubbles

Valentine's Day night we were over at Eric & Sheree's after taking the dogs out for a w-a-l-k. I was sitting there listening to Kenny tell a story about how he almost died at work (or something to that effect) and all of a sudden I felt tiny little bubbles moving around in my tummy. Weird. Probably the Mexican food from the night before. Then the little bubble happened again. And again.

Yesterday I felt those same little bubbles a few times throughout the day. I am about 90% sure that those little bubbles are our little kiddo bouncing around :)

Of course, as Kenny so lovingly pointed out, it just could be the Mexican food. Way to steal my joy!


Jim and Jolene said...

Well now you've gone and done it....the baby will now be known as "Bubbles" until she/he is born!!!!!
So excited for you, Jen!
Love you three!

David, Jamie and Jeffrey said...

That is so much fun for you!

The Cutter Family said...

That is so exciting!!! It finally happened! Hope you are feeling well. Take care of little Bubbles!

Danny and Tonita said...

YEAH! I'm sure it was the baby :) So excited.

Terry said...

How exciting. I knew "Bubbles" would be an energetic little one, kinda like you and Kenny!