Thursday, February 19, 2009

Doctor Visit

So, yesterday at the doctor pretty much went like this:

Step on the scale. Check blood pressure. Take pregnancy test. Check baby's heartbeat. Leave.

I did manage to stop her for half a second to ask a few questions and see what the heartbeat was (146 BPM), but that was about it.

I also got a referral for the ultrasound and once Kenny gets back today we will call and schedule it.

While getting rushed through an appointment isn't great, I still really like my doctor. She is efficient and decisive and I know that she knows what she is doing and can make tough, quick decisions.

We'll let you all know when we schedule the ultrasound and if we decide to peek :)


Anonymous said...

Just be prepared for the next several visits to go like that. In your third trimester, your doctor will start taking more time with you and talking to you more. You'll have lots more questions by then too! Read your books. That's what I've been doing. Hope you're feeling great!

Michelle Moreau Twal

Matt, Kelly, Eli, and Ethan said...

Yep, that's pretty much how the visit's go. Can't wait for your are going to try to find out the sex, right? :)

Kenny and Jen said...

I figured a quick appointment just meant that everything looked good and there was nothing really to say so I wasn't too worried. Good to know that it was like that for you guys too!

Well the ultrasound is on Tuesday... we'll announce then if we decide to find out or not. Gotta keep you all in suspense :)

Allison said...

like suspence until you actually deliver, right. ha!