Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can you tell what I am?

Boy or Girl? What do you think?

Baby's Profile

Boy or Girl? This picture should show you.




David, Jamie and Jeffrey said...

We think that it is funny that you won't just tell us what the baby is but that you will post his/her privates on your blog for everyone to look closely at. You are going to scar your child for life.

Danny and Tonita said...

We think you got jipped on your pictures they are grainy!! :) But it was really exciting to see Gwizzies cousin!

The Cutter Family said...

Ok, you're killing me here. I cannot see anything that I recognize so I'm going to go with girl.

Do you even know? or is this a ploy so you can laugh at all of our attempts to guess? :)

Either way, you have a very cute kid in there!!

The Cutter Family said...
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Ryan and Charissa said...

I say it's a girl. ?

Allison said...

yep, it's a girl.

I second what Jamie wrote. haha!