Thursday, March 25, 2010

I hate...

...a great many things. In this case, Delta Airlines. Since they charge for checked bags, everyone and all their known relatives drag all of their earthly possessions with them onto the plane as "carry-ons". And seriously, not a single of one them check the dimensional limits of said bags. I had a person hauling a bag that rivaled the size of the Titanic. I actually heard the aircraft strain as she tried to heft the behemoth up into the overhead bin, which, I might add, was about 18 cubic feet smaller than this lady's ginormous pink "carry-on". She then turned to me for help with a look that said, "why don't you help a struggling lady place her bag into the bin?". I casually responded to her look with a statement that, in short, informed her that she did not need my help but rather the help of either a truly talented magician or Santa Claus, her choice. While being a man of many talents myself, I am still unable to shrink oversize carry-on bags, still unable to enlarge over-head bins and still unable to rid the world of people whose IQ's challenge that of a common garden tomato.

PS - did I mention I woke up at 3:00 am?

I will call you from Hot-lanta. (Yes, I'll save that rant for another flight).

Luv ya :)

**I got this email from Kenny this morning. Made me laugh! Poor guy!**

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Jim and Jolene said...

We can just picture Kenny's facial expressions looking at that lady! Made us laugh too:) Hope he is home safe and sound.