Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What in the world?

I am on the road in Florida and came across this product description:

"A warm blend of sparkling bergamot and fresh ginger. Clean musk notes of white tea, amid spicy nuances of vetiver and nutmeg."

What do you think I should do with it?

a) eat/drink the product

b) give the product to someone I do not like and make them use it on their arm-pits

c) light the product on fire

d) smell the product after placing it in a decorative bowl

e) spray the product in a stinky airplane

f) lay the product out using it as bait to attract Martha Stewart into doing something useful with it

g) write a blog post about the product because I am not really sure of it purpose

h) use the product to wash my hair

i) festively package the product and sell it at a ridiculously high price to rich women that fly on my plane as a miracle cure for whatever problem I feel they are currently suffering from.

Thanks for your help with this :)


Jim and Jolene said...

So hard to choose what you should do with it:) "b" sounds promising...but I think "g" is my choice, because I can't wait to read your post about what it really is!
Hope you get home from Florida soon!

Jen said...

I thought it was an air freshener for the airplane. Although I really like option "i" :)


Danny and Tonita said...

I think it's A because I think it's tea...I think!!