Saturday, April 03, 2010

Only in the South can you...

...Ask fir directions to your national chain hotel (a Hilton property) and get, "Go 'til the Arco is on yer left n' turn right. Ge straight til ya cross the riv'r. Turn right at the dead possum inda road n' keep en drivin' til ya see me waving ya'll down."

...Write a fantastic blog post like this at the WIFI LOUNGE.

...Go to the Olive Garden where the non-smoking wait is 5 minutes and the smoking wait is 20 minutes.

...Drive down the road and see Nevitt Forest Community School of Innovation.

...Have Will Smith serve you a large Diet Coke from Hardee's drive-thru window (I swear it was him).

...Take a helicopter ride from the parking lot of Staples. See video below :)


Kenny and Jen said...

Awesome! You don't miss us at all... thinking about moving to South Carolina aren't you?!?

Love you!

Jen & Van

Joyfulness said...

Hilarious! Makes me miss the South... a little bit...

Danny and Tonita said...

I LOVE the Wi-Fi looks so cool! $20 for a helicopter ride, what a bargain.