Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Notes from Kenny

Kenny was gone this last week in Dallas for training. Here are a few funny notes he sent me while he was gone... As you can tell, he really doesn't like flying commercial :)

On his way there... in the airport...


"Son of a freaking monkey, stinky perfume lady with huge stinkin hat sitting next me. And she brought half of all her personal belongings to store at her... and my feet."


"Oh No!

Now she has a cd player and is humming to it. That will stop real soon I guarantee."

On his way home... waiting for his flight...

"Ah Dallas in the summer!

There is a thunderstorm nearby and they had a bolt hit the ground within 10 miles of the airport so the ramps are frozen till it passes.

Gotta love DFW in the summer."


"Ah Man!

This lady is popping "it" out cause her kid is hungry. And yes, he is way too old for that!"



The plane is in the terminal!

Should leave in 15 to 20 minutes they say!

We'll see." (He actually didn't leave until about 2 hours later)

We got home that night around 10:00pm... it was supposed to be 6:00pm. At least he is home and won't have to go back for training for another 6 months :)

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