Monday, July 28, 2008

New Design: Ovolina

Ovolina means little mozzarella in Italian which is appropriate because Anita is Italian and has six children! Anita is originally from Rome Italy and has her own radio show. She is also a wonderfully sweet lady who was very easy to work with.

I went with an old-world Italian feel for her site and incorporated her six little ones in the design. We are still working on uploading all of her work, magazine articles and videos, but thought I'd share the site with you all anyway :)


Anita the Ovolina said...

it's me the Italian lady!
I love your work - thank you for making my site so great!
I will be sure to ask my 'designer' to link me to your blog :)

Danny and Tonita said...

Her site is so cute! I wish I had some cool name thing like Ovolina!! ;)