Monday, August 28, 2006

We're with the band...

Last week we were invited by one of Kenny's students, Dave, to a concert at the House of Blues. He was going to be playing as drummer for the band "Cinematic Sunrise." Also performing that night was "The Sounds of Animals Fighting."

It was an interesting night. We showed up and got in line at the ticket counter only to find out that the guy behind the counter couldn't find our name on the guest list. We put on our best, "We're with the band" faces and asked him to check again mentioning that we personally know the drummer :) After a bit of searching, he found our tickets and we headed downstairs to the concert only to be stopped by two bouncers who asked us to empty our pockets. Well, Kenny ALWAYS carries his Buck Knife pocket knife (so small and insignificant... your pen could do more damage!)… He pulled it out of his pocket and the bouncers just stared at him. In order to not get thrown out, Kenny rushed back up the stairs and "hid" the knife somewhere outside.

Dave's band played first, but only did 3 songs. A bummer because they were good. We then waited and waited around for "The Sound of Animals Fighting." Hey, we figured that everyone was there to seem them and they had a crazy name so we had to stay. They were... umm... entertaining.

At about 10:30pm we finally left the House of Blues. We were tired and hungry (we hadn't eaten since 11:00am). To top off the night, Kenny's knife was no longer in its hiding place outside :( I guess someone else likes Buck knives too! Oh well.

All in all, it was an interesting night. Probably would have been better if we had food in our bellies and a Buck knife in our pocket, but we still got to see Dave perform and for one night say that we were with the band. It was pretty cool. Kenny's students are so talented!

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David and Jamie said...

Hey Kenny, I hope you wiped clean the knife before you stashed it. Your cover story might not make it in front of the judge, and don't plan on those friendly bouncers to back you up.