Monday, August 07, 2006

Tic... Tac... TOE

This weekend Kenny broke his toe :(

We aren't exactly sure how it happened, but are pretty convinced the incident occurred sometime on Saturday when Kenny was kicking small children... it’s okay, we were at Tae Kwon Do... the kids like to be kicked!

Actually, it probably happened while we were sparring at the end of class… Jen always beats Kenny up in class!

A few of you have asked for a picture. It is pretty disgusting so if you are squeamish don’t look any further…


Dad A. said...

Now that I know you have a mole on your foot, I'm nick-namining you
"Little Moley".
Love, Jim

Mom A. said...

Your toe is so much more UGLY when it's hurt than mine was! Jen says it's even worse looking now. Hope it dosen't hurt too bad!
Love, Jolene

David and Jamie said...

We think your toe looks pretty cool!

David said...

Hey Kenny I hope that your toe heals. When our baby comes out it will come out kicking so be prepared to teach it Tae Kwon Do.

Anonymous said...

Nice toe Kenny! Not sure what else to say. . .yuck! I mean I hope it get's better soon.