Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Can you hear me now?

I just wanted to say that I LOVE my new phone.

A few weeks ago Kenny and I got new phones from Verizon. After much debate and too much time spent reading reviews and researching phones, we decided on the LG VX8300.

It is sooo cool.

Not only does it get great reception and have an excellent speakerphone, it also takes pretty good pictures and video. The best thing of all is that it has a built-in MP3 Player!

I was just out walking Pilot and was listening to music as we strolled along. I didn't have headphones on so it was like I had my own personal theme music as I walked :) A few people looked at me funny wondering where the music was coming from!

Anyway, that is all. I love my phone. Don't be jealous, Kenny ;)


Jim and Jolene said...

Didn't Kenny get the same phone as you?

Matthew, Kelly, and Eli said...

We'll have to keep that in mind when we upgrade our cell phones. Since you guys did all the research....what have you heard about the "Q" (I think that is what it's called)?

Kenny & Jen said...

We didn't look at the Q. It is a PDA and phone. We didn't want another PDA and also wanted a clamshell style phone so we didn't call people by accident :) It looks pretty cool though.

CNet has great reviews. The Q is rated 8.0 by CNet, but only 6.2 by people who have the phone.

Hope this helps :) When do you get new phones?

Kenny & Jen said...

Yep, same phone as Kenny. I just don't want him to be jealous of how much I am in love with my phone. :)