Friday, May 21, 2010

10 months old!

Van is 10 months old and he is as active as ever!

He has learned that he has a friend in Pilot and now will play with him. Van will get one of Pilot's toys and bring it to him. Pilot will (and does) take the toy and drags Van around on the floor.

Van has also learned to share - which sounds all nice and cute but really is not. His idea of sharing is putting a Cheerio in his mouth then taking it out and offering to an unfortunate bystander.

He has also found cars! He loves his toy cars. Van will drive them all over the house, down the hallway and up the wall. Kenny discovered a funny thing: Van hates his cars up-side-down. Put several cars in front of him on their backs and he will flip them onto their wheels.

Van is also becoming more communicative. He clearly expresses when he wants more food by "eh-ing." He is also starting to tap the page of the book to have us turn the page. He also makes a lot of weird gibberish noises - a lot of them and very loudly sometimes :)

Finally, Van has learned what a temper tantrum is. He is realizing that he does has a say in the way things might possibly go. Fortunately, we are, at this point in time, bigger, stronger, smarter, faster and more creative than he is.

Van is curious about everything, constantly exploring the big world around him. He is walking like crazy and he is super fast. You put him down in the living room and he is destroying the back bathroom 30 seconds later.

Van has four teeth right now, two lower front and two upper front. He took a short respite from teething, but some new ones are coming in. As a result, everything goes into his mouth.

Sometimes, his mood can change like that. Usually because his teeth hurt.

Finally, the smiling little boy we know and love.

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Danny and Tonita said...

Those pictures of him are so cute! Miss you guys have fun camping see you sometime next week.