Sunday, November 08, 2009

4 months!

4 months old already! Every month it comes faster and faster. My newborn is no longer a newborn, and is growing up so fast. This month he learned and did so many new things...

  • Van switched to a 4 hour feeding schedule. I love it! We have so much more time to do things and he gets longer naps which he seems to like.

  • He went to Disneyland for the first time.

  • First time at the pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating on Halloween.

  • He started sleeping in his own room. At first he would wake up a few times during the night, but we would just pop in his paci and he would fall right back to sleep. In the mornings he would come into bed with us for an hour or so until it was time to get up. These last few weeks he has started sleeping straight through all night without even a peep. No more getting up for us!

  • Van loves his walker and his exersaucer. He wants to be standing all of the time. Earlier this month he really seemed to only want to stand and hated sitting.. especially hated the Bumbo seat. Now he is sitting a bit more, but really prefers to be standing and moving around. He can stand by himself for a little bit by holding onto the ottoman!

  • He is also trying to sit up by himself. When he is laying on his back he strains to sit up. He wants to so bad, but just can't do it yet.

  • Just this week he started to roll from his back to his side. Once when I wasn't watching he rolled over from his back to his tummy. Since he can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy, we have to watch him more closely or else he might just roll away :)

  • Last Thursday he found his thumb. He has been sucking on his fingers all month, but now is using this thumb if he wakes up during naps or at night to put himself back to sleep. It is so cute to go into his room and see him with his little thumb in his mouth.

  • He also just started to be able to put himself to sleep for naps and bedtime. Most of the time he goes straight down with no crying. If he does cry it is only for about 2 minutes at the most. It is so crazy how this just started to happen. We have been working on this for a while, but it is like one day he just figured out that if he closed his eyes and fell asleep he would feel better.

  • "Sounds" he makes: "Hi" (at least that is what it sounds like), "Doi, Doi, Doi", "G-g-g-g-g" (rolls his g's), "A-goo"

  • He got a bit of a cold a week ago :( A new humidifier and baby vapor rub seemed to do the trick and he is feeling and sounding better now!

  • Van laughs and laughs when we put his toes up to his face. He also thinks it is the funniest thing ever when we take his clothes off to change him. Silly boy!

Our typical day:

7:00- Wake up and eat
7:30- Take Pilot for a walk & Play
8:30- Nap
11:00- Wake up, eat, play
12:30- Nap
3:00- Wake up (sometimes wakes up around 2:30), eat, play
5:00- Nap (usually 1 hour, sometimes more)
6:30- Get ready for bed, take Pilot for a walk
7:00- Eat
7:30- Bedtime
9:30- Dreamfeed & sleep until morning
6:30- Usually starts to make noise, but puts himself back to sleep

The day varies depending on what we have to do or how long/ short naps go. Van seems to be really flexible so if he misses a nap or only sleeps for 45 minutes or so for a nap, it is ok.

We love you Van! It is so much fun watching you grow and learn!

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