Saturday, April 25, 2009

Redesign: 3 Bay B Chicks

The 3 bay b chicks are back! This time with a fun new redesign for Spring. I love their cute little birds from before and this clean, fresh design is perfect for them :)

The chicks are also launching a fun new series starting today called "Chick Chat" I was able to work with them to create their logo for the series as well as a button for their sidebar. Check out "Chick Chat"... I believe there is even a giveaway scheduled for today!

A few weeks ago, I was also able to create some virtual postcards and button for their series "Where's Wenda" Tons of bloggers participated in finding Wenda over the course of a few weeks and had a blast. I loved this little logo!

1 comment:

Danny and Tonita said...

Those are super cute! I really love the birds especially...I'm kinda into them right now! :)