Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Isabella Rae

6:00AM yesterday we received a call from Tonita saying they were headed to the hospital and that Gwizzie was on her way. At 7AM, they called to tell us that they were admitted. We rushed out of the house (forgetting to turn off the sprinklers... Thanks Eric for getting up so early to turn them off for us!) and headed to the hospital, stopping by a few places to get breakfast for Daddy-to-be, Danny.

We were able to hang out in the room with Danny & Tonita up until 2:00PM, when the nurse kicked us out and announced Tonita was ready to start pushing! A few hours later, their beautiful baby girl was born.

She is seriously adorable and we already love little Isabella!

Looks like Kenny got caught trying to steal her!

Proud Auntie Jen with little Bella


Jim and Jolene said...

I love how little Bella is resting on your tummy! She's bonding with her cousin already!

Danny and Tonita said...

You guys look so sweet with her!! Thank you so much for all you did...Isabella loves you so much. (Espically her cousin!!)