Monday, March 16, 2009


I needed to get out and burn some calories this morning and it was such a perfectly gorgeous day here in sunny San Diego, so I broke out my bike to go for a ride.

The trail here was flooded out with about 18 inches of water, but fortunately there was a secondary route.

Okay, I will admit it: I woosed out and walked my bike across!

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Anonymous said...

Last time I road my bike on the beach strand, I came to a complete stop, took my foot of the pedal and leaned the wrong way. Yes, at seven months I fell smack off the bike. I didn't get hurt but my ego was a bit bruised. The next day I fell in the parking lot when it was pouring rain. My doctor laughed at me and told me she tried roller blading while preggo. Not a good idea. I have to stick to walking now. I've only got three more weeks to go!

Michelle Moreau Twal