Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas 2008 & My Sunglass Dilemma

The weekend before Christmas we went up to Jen's parents house to play in the snow. We had a great time having an early Christmas and seeing everyone.

Jeffrey loves his Uncle Kiki and Pie-Pie (Pilot) and we had so much fun watching him run around calling for them all weekend long.

Anyway, I finally uploaded the pictures that I have. Check them out!

The next weekend, Mom & Dad come down to San Diego and stayed for a few days. We made tamales, did some household projects and had fun spending time together. Kenny was flying on Saturday so while we waited for him to get back we just had fun going out to lunch and braving the crowded mall. I was able to buy some maternity clothes (Thanks Mom Shepherd for the gift card!) and some sunglasses.

Here is where I need your help. I spent over an hour looking at sunglasses and ended up buying these Arnette glasses.

Actually, I bought two pairs. I had a gift card and since Sunglass Hut was having a sale, I was basically able to get two for the price of once. The cool thing is that they also both come with spare lenses, so essentially I got 4 pairs of glasses for the price of one.

I like the glasses because they are very lightweight which helps with my headaches and they are comfy. The only thing is that they are very sporty and not as fashionable.

So, I went back to the store yesterday with Kenny just to look again and found these.

They are cute and fit well, but are double the price.

I asked the girl at the store what the difference was between Arnette and Ray-Ban and she just said that Ray-Ban was just more well known and that they are actually owned by the same company.

So, what would you do? Get the sporty Arnette 2 for the price of 1 (along with extra lenses making it 4 for the price of 1) or get the cute Ray-Bans?


The Cutter Family said...

Ok, well, I'm a cute over comfort (or cost-effectiveness) type of girl so I would get the ray bans. I know you get less for your money, but if you think they are cuter and you feel better in them, I would stick with those. Just my opinion!

Allison said...

Jeffery has grown so much! Looks like you had fun in the snow.

Hard call on the sunglasses.A few things to ponder.Do you really even need two pairs? If you got the cheaper ones would you keep thinking about the others? hmmm. . . .

Matt, Kelly, Eli, and Ethan said...

Hmmm....if you have a gift card then just get the ones you like better. Although, who am I to give advise. I am currently without sunglasses because I won't spend the money on the cute ones that I like!