Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

Last weekend we decided to celebrate the New Year by doing something Kenny had never done in his many years of living in So Cal... We went and saw the Rose Parade floats in Pasadena! (Check off 1 on his 30 before 30)

We had considered volunteering to work on the floats, but after what we saw on Saturday, we now know better. That is a TON of work! We will just look at the floats and enjoy them, thank you very much.

We were amazed at the time that goes into making these floats so detailed… not to mention the money (most floats cost about $300,000)… all for just one day.

We were able to see the City of Palmdale’s float… We doubt the tortoises and Joshua Trees that graced the float would make someone think, “Wow, that looks like a nice place to live.”

We also purchased a post card to help support the Cal Poly float. Our post card supposedly rode on the float and they said they would mail it back to us with a statement attesting to that fact. It seemed like a fun idea at the time, but now we are not so sure about it…. We watched the parade and no postcards were seen riding on the float at any time! We’ll just choose to believe that they hid them really well :)

Sunday we surprised Jen’s parents and flew up to Fox Field in Lancaster. David, Jamie & Jeffrey picked us up at the airport. We had a fun New Year’s Eve making tamales and playing with little Jeffrey (Jen took about a million pictures of him which we will have to sort through and post later!)

Overall, a good way to start 2007!

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Danny and Tonita said...

Wow that looks really cool! I can't believe how expensive those floats are.

Can't wait to see the offical Cal Poly post card! :)