Friday, February 19, 2010

Flight 2386 to Chicago

So I was sitting on a bench in front of my hotel in Las Vegas waiting for the shuttle to arrive. I will admit, I did look quite dashing in my fine Schubachian pilot garb, and perhaps, just perhaps, that is why she asked me:

"Do you know if my flight to Chicago is delayed?"

I looked up, "Huh?"

"I am trying to get home to Des Moines, but my flight outta here goes to Chicago and it is snowing in Des Moines and I was wondering if that would delay my flight to Chicago."

I lied, "Actually, I just checked with dispatch and they told me your flight was going to leave an hour earlier so they can be beat a blizzard that is coming in over the Great Lake. You better hurry!"

Wide-eyed, she exclaimed, "Uh, oh, okay, I'll skip breakfast and go pack right now. Thank you sir."

I felt I had done my mischievous act for the day pretty well.

Okay, at some point during that story, I divulged slightly from the truth. Maybe about the point where I told her that her flight was leaving early. But the rest is true, I swear :)


Jim and Jolene said...

Mischievous is your middle name:)

Danny and Tonita said...

I can't wait until Van can talk and tell you all HIS stories!! :)